Finished Prom Updo

Q: I’m looking for a pretty updo for prom that showcases my curls. Any ideas?

Ouidad: It’s easy to get a pretty curly ‘do, thanks to a simple ponytail with a romantic twist. You’ll need Play Curl Mousse to prep the hair and Clear Control Pomade and Styling Mist to finish it, as well as 4-5 bobby pins and a decorative hair accessory.

Begin with freshly shampooed hair. Use Play Curl Shampoo and Play Curl Conditioner, towel dry then use fingers to distribute Play Curl Mousse throughout curls.

Tip: It’s best to let curls air dry, or use a hairdryer on cool with a diffuser.

1. Place a dime sized dollop of Clear Control Pomade in the palm of your hand, rub palms together, then smooth hair back into a pony tail.

Holding the pony tight at the scalp with one hand, run your other hand over the pony tail all the way to ends. Clear Control helps to soften, open and define your curls, but won’t flatten them out.

2. Divide hair into two sections with a center part in the back of the head (as if you were creating pigtails”>. Take one side and twist under and to the side, securing with a bobby pin or two. Then, twist the other section, also under and to the opposite side, then securing.

You are crisscrossing the two sections to create a unique, loose tumble of curls that is simple, but so elegant.

3. Smooth tendrils, add bobby pins if necessary, or dress up this look with a stunning hair comb, like this crystal and pearl combo.

If your tendrils need definition, a hot curling iron covered with a light cotton fabric will do the trick. Finish off with the Styling Mist.

Now, go have fun!

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