Dear Ouidad: I am a woman from Montreal, Quebec, and I can't seem to find the right hairdresser for my type of curls. I have naturally curly, medium-length hair. Actually, the hair look shorter than it actually is because the hair springs up. I have been procrastinating getting a haircut because I am afraid the hairdresser will not give me a haircut I can live with. I am quite neurotic when it comes to hair. It is true, too, that not many hairdressers know how to cut curly hair. Do you know any hairdresser from the city of Montreal who specializes in curly haircuts? Anyway, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

A: Visit my website,for a listing of salons that are certified to cut hair with my trademarked Carve & Slice cutting technique. Cutting curly hair should be done by someone who understands curly hair and knows how it reacts to a cut.