Q : I live in Flushing, NY, and I would love to get some hints on how to avoid the frizz. I would like some helpful hints.

Torch : Curly hair naturally goes curly because the cuticles (scales”> are always open. Some curls are frizzier than others as the cuticles are opened wider. Straight hair cuticles are closed and lay flat against each other. The trick to controlling the frizz in curly hair is to allow the cuticles to dry in a closed position. You will notice when your hair is wet it is never frizzy, as water easily fills the open cuticle gaps and immediately stops the frizz. Until now there have been two options: either glue the cuticles shut with sticky gels or weigh them down with heavy greasy oils. The magic behind Curl Keeper is when used properly it will seal each cuticle during the drying process without using silicones or other waxy ingredients. Learning to control your frizz with a water-based product such as Curl Keeper will make living with curly hair, even in a humid climate, more manageable.

Q : I would like some advice on getting bangs. I don’t have them as I have curly/wavy hair. It is layered but I feel I need some hair on my forehead. I am a little leery about change but how would l ask someone to do it. I have a problem finding a good hairdresser. My hair is pretty long and I want to keep it long. Also, I have a wedding next week. I am conservative and I like to put my curly hair in the updo. Thanks! Jackie Sinke

Torch : You are absolutely right to be leery of bangs. Having bangs is quite a commitment. Because you have a combination of both wave and curl you must be aware that your hair will seldom fall the same way or in the same place twice in a row, especially in the humid months of summer. However, if a few curls are carefully selected and cut shorter around the face, it can make a refreshing change that is not as big a commitment as having full bangs. Face framing could be the change you are looking for. Remember not to cut the pieces too short as curly hair shrinks as it dries. So dry your hair first in perfect frizz free curls before the cutting begins. Your stylist should carefully snip individual ringlets at the desirable lengths around the face. NOTE: curly hair styles better when it is cut uneven.

Q : I live in Callander, ON, about four hours north of Toronto. I have medium-length curly, fine hair and have rarely been happy with how it looks. Could you please give me some information about your new salon, including services, fees, location, and length of time to get an appointment? Thanks so much! Denise

Torch : Our Curly Hair Institute is an environment where it is possible to focus exclusively on the needs of curly hair. Complete with styling salon, training facility and photo studio, we have the space to host seminars and curl classes. Curly hair has so many different personalities that it needs a specialized environment to conquer all the problems related to taming those out-of-control curls. The Curly Hair Institute is a place where people will feel comfortable no matter how difficult they think their hair is. We make it a priority that everyone understands how to master the art of controlling their own hair. We are located at 85 Sheppard Av. West, just west of the Yonge/Sheppard subway station. We are also happy to provide complimentary parking and extended, flexible hours. Call 416-362-1068 to book an appointment.

Q : I have brown curly hair (loose curls”> that is just past my shoulders. I am dying to do something new with my hair, but I don’t know what. I have had it long and I have had it short, it seems like those are the only two options I have. Also my hair has been super static-y lately and quite frizzy in the back. What do you suggest I do? Thanks!! Jackie

Torch : The most important fact to understanding your hair (loose curl or wave”> is that if you cut your hair too short you will lose all the curls and waves. Keeping your hair length longer makes it easier to achieve any form of bounce. Now I don’t mean growing your hair past your shoulders or even having all your hair one length. Just long enough for a wave to form a curl when you are able to squeeze a curl in your hair while it is still wet. There are hundreds of variations of layering curly hair to help enhance curls to create more volume. Check to see which one your hairstylist would use on your hair. Careful consideration must be taken as the wrong technique could create havoc with your style.I suggest the first lesson is to learn how to style your curls to their full potential. Avoid using product that coat the hair or add any waxy feel. Learning to style your curls is the first step, before looking for the perfect cut.

Q : My question is the very basic one of what products to use in my hair to get that great curl definition. I have read many articles, etc on the the do’s and don’ts for curly hair. My problem with this information is that it is based on a much finer texture of curly hair than mine. It does seem that the ‘typical’ combination is curly hair with fine texture — I have curly hair with coarse/very heavy texture, and I have lots of hair ( I am from India”>. So, where do I go with this hair? I do believe I have a pretty good cut. Any advice on what I can do?? Thanks so much. Suri

Torch : The most important advice I can offer is to take your time in the preparing your hair BEFORE you do the blow-drying. The key to styling your heavy hair texture is creating lift at the root area of your hair (at the scalp”>. Do this while your hair is soaking wet and 100 percent detangled. Comb your hair while hanging your head over. Slip Detangler is weightless and 100 percent effective in removing tangles and shutting the cuticles. Focus your combing at the roots and comb opposite to the direction your hair grows. Curl Keeper will control all your frizz and keep your hair light and feeling clean.

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