We’ve lived too long in a world drowned in consumerism, with celebrity-marketed hype constantly in our faces and hair.  Everyone wants to look the same — cloned cookie cutters with poker straitjacket hair.  But I’m now noticing volume and softness is back.  Ripples, waves, curls, kinks, naturally straight — and even a little underarm hair — is authenticity sexy.  Poker straight will no longer exist, especially with global warming upon us.  There seems to be an emphasis on individuality and finding a greater freedom in one’s self.  Curly girls and boys, this is our time. We are beyond trends. We are back, and with our curls we’ll stay. 

Q: Could you give ideas of what to do with hair that is growing out?  I like my curls short or long but hate the thick, unruly ‘Christmas tree’ triangular look while it grows out.  Often I give up after months and get a short cut because I can’t stand walking around looking doofy.<

br class=”webkit-block-placeholder” />Lorraine: I can certainly try to give you some ideas for when your hair is growing out, but I’m not certain that they are going to help the situation at all. How many times in your life have you been at this point?  There is most definitely an awkward stage you go through, but now is the time to actually commit. Zen out and allow your curls to unfurl. When you get to the point where you are about to cut it, or even pull it out, call a ‘Curl-Friend Sponsor’ and let it be.  The truth is, gravity is what stops the hair from gaining volume.  Add to that shampoo drying out the hair, and factor in the hair’s natural instinct to grab moisture from the atmosphere, and the result is the POOF!  You should be cleansing with No-Poo and leave as much conditioner as your thirsty/dehydrated hair needs to feel replenished.  Remember: DO NOT DISTURB your hair as it dries.  You’ll see!

Q: I love Devacurl products. I am using shampoo Low Poo and One Condition and they are great. I love Angell too. I know Angell gel is for wet hair after conditioning,  but I am wondering if I can use Angell on my complete dry hair? Mariagrazia 

Lorraine: Every time someone uses the word ‘shampoo’ in the salon they are required to donate a dollar into our Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund — our products have no connection to that evil word whatsoever.  If you mix half of a bottle of Mister-Right and half of a bottle of AnGel you shall get ‘Mist-er AnGel, a fabulous spray-gel for use on either wet or dry hair.<

br class=”webkit-block-placeholder” />Q: I have a curly medium-length blonde bob. I find blonde hair shows  frizz more than dark curly hair. Please tell me if you know of a product that really tames frizz without a stiff or gluey feel to the hair. I like my hair touchably soft. Thanks. Jann.

Lorraine: I disagree that blondes show more frizz, especially if your hair is well-hydrated from within and enhanced with an angelic gel.  Angéll is designed for both fine and thick curls — apply less for fine curls and double up for thicker curls.  No matter how much Angéll you apply on your hair, it will dry with a cast around it to crystallize the curl and lock it in place. Then when it is completely dry, you scrunch it out and it dissolves to give you that touchably soft feel you desire  Jann, if I were you, I’d be generous with the amount of Angéll I use and graze the exposed top area of the hair downwards with Set it Free sprayed onto your hands.  Another important point is not to disturb while drying. Poof be gone!   

Q: When I was little, my hair was so curly that it was practically in ringlets. But as I grew older, the curl loosened. Now, as a college student, my hair is just wavy. The problem with this is that the underside is almost completely straight while parts of the top are wavy and other parts are not. I still have that course-like curly texture. The bigger problem is that I either have to take tons of time blowdrying with a diffuser or straightening my hair to make it look decent. Otherwise, when I go natural, it looks like I got out of bed and didn’t brush it. I would really like to be able to wear my hair both curly and straight. I want my curly hair back without it looking fake or crunchy. Any advice is appreciated.

Lorraine: Hair is like an unruly child. According to textbooks, what they crave is consistency — a constant approach.  Since I started this approach, my hair (as intended by nature”> has been faithful and loyal to me in its frizz-free curl consistency. But it’s slightly different on a day-to-day basis, so I never become bored with my hair. You should give your hair the organic respect it deserves; remind your hair what it really is and what it really wants to do.  You, and only you, are the sole custodian of your hair and it will only give you what you give it.  Start to undress it!  For example: Stop using shampoo to cleanse.Stop using brushes on your locks; it’s like beating a child.Stop blow-frying it.Stop using alcohol and plastic resin based products.  Would you put alcohol on a flower?      Give your hair three months with this consistent natural responsive approach. Follow the above program religiously and I promise you’ll be there and never want to go back.  It’s hair, or there!  Having authentically straight hair is a beautiful thing; blow-frying to have straight hair is a fashion faux pas.  Take the approach mentioned above to maximize your hair’s potential.  

Q: I love curly hair but when I try to make my hair more curly, all it gets is very, very wavy. I don’t  like the fake-looking curls, and scrunching my hair doesn’t help at all. I know guys like hair with some ‘bounce’ in it. But all my hair gets is poofy and it makes me so frustrated that I end up hating my hair. Please tell me how to bring out the curl in my hair!

Lorraine: Love me, love my curls!  I believe that whatever your hair may be — curly or wavy — you’re trying way too hard.  It sounds like you may be overscrunching. Constantly touching hair with your hands while it’s drying creates frizz and dissolves the gel too early.  The water and gel bearing weight can pull curls to the point of waves.  If you’re still using detergents (shampoo”> that cause outward bounds in the hair, I suggest stopping.  But you can try this simple approach: If you do not have No-Poo, cleanse with your conditioner only tomorrow morning.  Friction on your scalp with your fingers does the job beautifully!  Rinse and leave in a sufficient amount.  With your hair still saturated lean your head forward and proceed to scrunch upward with your bare hands to remove excess water, then repeat this step with paper towels or a used T-shirt.  Once you have removed all the water possible, tilt your head back so your hair is in its natural fall position.  Then find where your hair needs height and grab, lift, and clip directly at the scalp.  You can let your hair dry naturally, diffuse at a distance, or sit under a hooded dryer.  When your hair is completely dry, remove the clips and scrunch upwards to break the cast.  Believe me — this will work wonders for you.

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