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Gotu kola has been used for thousands of years and is native to China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, South Pacific, and Sri Lanka. It was popular in ancient times for healing wounds, improving mental clarity, and treating leprosy and psoriasis. While not as popular as some other plants, this perennial herbaceous creeper is more known as centella and grows in tropical, wet areas. 

In recent years, gotu kola has been used in the US and Europe to treat varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency while also being used to treat psoriasis and healing minor wounds, according to University of Maryland Medical Center. The entire plant is used for medicinal purposes and is considered a very spiritual herb for its rejuvenate properties in Ayurvedic medicine.

Benefits of Gotu kola

Gotu kola is known for healing wounds with the saponins and other organic compounds that actually stimulate the healing process on site. Gotu kola has been used to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries and stimulates the flow of blood. This increases oxygenation to different parts of the body. A mild diuretic, it can help to release the excess toxins, salts, and water while also relieving tension and anxiety in blood vessels, which helps to regulate blood pressure. It also has antibacterial properties and used in topical, oral, and injected forms to treat leprosy.

Gotu kola benefits for hair

Gotu kola can be used several ways for hair such as a tea, a powder, and even an oil. With such potent components we should not be surprised this herb is used for hair loss. Sometimes hair loss is a result of malnourished cells or hair follicles, and gotu kola plays a hefty role in strengthening the hair follicles due to nourishment of the scalp through the strengthening of the blood vessels. This also helps in getting proper blood circulation to the scalp to feed and nourish those starving hair follicles. Oxygen and other nutrients can find their way to the scalp and hair follicles. This helps in not only preventing hair loss but encouraging hair regrowth.

The extract can be used internally and externally to aid in fighting hair loss. It can be used as an oil in scalp massages. It can be taken internally as a tea but to get even better results drink the tea and use the oil as a scalp massage. The powder can be used in a hair mask by combining aloe vera gel with the powder and mix into a paste. Not only will this be a great hair mask for hair loss, but it is also a soothing and scalp irritant deterrent. While this can be used solely by itself in powder, tea, or oil form, there are some products that harness the goodness of this miracle herb.

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