Curly Hair Products

Dear Ouidad:

I am really trying to transition from relaxed to natural, but my family makes jokes about how nappy my hair will look. I have a wavy, kinky curl pattern, but it is very dry and hard to detangle.

There are so many different companies out for curlies like Mixed Chicks, Ouidad, and Kinky Curly. Which products should I use? If I mix and match different products from different companies will I still be able to get good results?

Dear Confused Transitioner:

Don’t let anyone discourage you from embracing your curls! It can be daunting when transitioning to your natural texture, but with time and effort you will figure out your own perfect curl routine and be glad you did!

As far as mixing products, everyone’s curl is different, and it will take time to find out what products work for you. Many brands offer hair profilers on their websites that will diagnose exactly what products you need. You can also try buying trial and travel sizes at first so you can experiment with different brands and combinations. In the end, you will have a much healthier, happier head of curls!