The folks at Bumble and bumble are bringing curlies together. This past September, they introduced — a site that celebrates curls for their dynamic, inherently unpredictable nature; where curlies can unite in the face of a straight-laced culture.

bumble and bumble

The Bumble website allows visitors to design their own paisley.

The site’s Curl Manifesto proclaims curlies as trailblazers, and tells us to escape the tyranny of straighteners, blow-dryers, flat irons and all means of curl oppression. You can learn about their fabulous line of Bb.Curl Conscious Products, Chime In on curly polls, and read entertaining Curl Facts.

The cornerstone of the site is the Bb. Curl Community, which gives us curlies a chance to collectively stand up for our wondrous waves. It features the Curl Gallery — where you can post your photo to the image grid, write a curl slogan and design your own paisley (the ancient Indian mark of individuality featured on the Bb.Curl Conscious bottles”>. Bumble and bumble will periodically choose a few lucky curlies to be featured on, so visit today and make your mark!


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