Happy birthday to us!

Five years ago, Gretchen and Michelle were having another one of their endless conversations about curl formation, frizz and their latest hair product cocktail. Both women had been frustrated their whole lives by the lack of information catering to people with curly hair. They grew up with Marcia Brady and Charlie's Angels, products like Long and Silky and Short and Sassy. They fought their curls, turning their hair to straw with chemicals and frying it with blow driers and curling irons. They endured nicknames like Q-tip and Bozo.

They scoured fashion magazines, searching in vain for articles about curly hair. They surfed the Internet for curly hair information, only to find that no independent Web sites existing for curly hair.

So they decided to take action. In September of 1998, NaturallyCurly.com was launched.

Fewer than 100 people found it that first day. Today, thanks to our wonderful readers, NaturallyCurly.com is one of the busiest beauty sites in cyberspace, and the largest independent site for curly hair. We count more than 100,000 unique users each month, with 100 new members signing up each week.

We are so thankful for the wonderful community that NaturallyCurly.com has become. We are what we are today because of all of you, our readers. Many people have been around since the beginning, watching us grow and evolve. You have provided invaluable support and feedback. We are forever grateful.

We hope that we can continue to celebrate curly hair together and always are looking for new ways to improve our offerings. This major redesign - the first in our history - will make it easier to find your way around the site. Keep tuned for other exciting updates that are in the works.

This Web site is meant to be informative and entertaining. But it also is our hope that we might help a whole new generation of curlyheads learn to love their hair rather than fighting it. We hope to spread the message of curl pride around the globe.

Gretchen and Michelle