The healing magic of argan oil has made its way into a new product from Cibu, Ancient Serum, a brand-new product designed for both hair and skin.

Cibu brand manager Jenn Mapp says her company makes products that stylists want. “We listen to our stylists,” she says of stylists who work at the Salon Cielo and Bubbles salons owned by Cibu's parent company, The Ratner Group.

"They're always looking for something that smoothes the hair," she says. And so Ancient Serum was born. This brand-new addition to the Cibu line features argan oil, the trendy and so-effective ingredient that's taken the hair-care world by storm.

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Argan oil contains a mixture of active substances, which gives argan oil many beneficial properties for both skin and hair. The oil both penetrates the cuticle, increasing the suppleness and elasticity of the hair, and remains on the surface of the hair, where it provides emollience and softness. (For more about argan oil, click here.)

"Ancient Serum adds shine, moisturizes, smooths and fights the frizz," says Mapp. "The stylists add it to color treatments in the salon to help the color spread evenly."

Addressing concerns that Ancient Serum also contains silicones, Mapp says the silicones serve to coat the hair shaft, sealing the argan oil in, nourishing the hair from the inside. Without the silicones, the argan oil would likely evaporate, says Mapp.

"Ancient Serum makes curls soft and smooth. It would be a really nice product to use mid-day. It doesn’t frizz up again. This is a treatment combined with a shiner," says Mapp.

Ancient Serum is also a wonderful skin moisturizer and softener.

A four-ounce bottle of Ancient Serum retails for $24.