It's been a little over two weeks with my Brazilian Blowout, and I'm still liking the differences. I guess I realized how subtle the differences were when I traveled to Los Angeles to meet with a client, and saw someone who had entirely different results.

Over the past two years, this woman and I have compared notes about our tight curly hair. In the course of talking to someone else at this company, they told me the woman also had gotten a Brazilian Blowout.

They brought her in, and I realized I had seen her walking by several times. but didn't recognize her at all. Her tight curls were very loose waves. And she says she only air dries her hair to get the effect.

While I really like having my hair more curly, her hair looked gorgeous—sleek and shiny and significantly straighter—something that used to take her two hours to do with a dryer and flat iron. She said some people in her own family don't recognize her.

It shows the different effects you can get with this kind of treatment, from frizz control to a significantly straighter look.