Dear CurlySuzy: I need a recommendation for a product to control frizz. I've bought lots of things that DON'T work. My hair is rather coarse, stays straight in winter and frizz free unless I get rained on. In summer it goes crazy and curls into lots of waves and spirally curls, which is ok, but I can't find anything that holds the frizz down in Virginia humidity. I don't want a stiff, hard spray.

Dear Donna: The trick, I think, to managing the summer curls in humidity is to keep them moisturized. Try to use a mild, non-sulfate cleanser or at least alternate with one and your current favorite. Shampoos can be very drying, and that leads to frizz, especially in the summer. Most drugstores and grocery stores have non-sulfate cleansers — just read the labels. They almost always have it right on the front of the bottle. Then a leave-in conditioner would be a good practice in the summer. I also gave you some links to product combinations that are very effective in the humidity. I hope this helps.

Good non-sulfate cleansers:

DevaCurl No Poo

HPO Hair & Body Shampoo

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo

Good leave-ins

Be sure to experiment with how much to use. Start off with a little bit. They can get sticky and weigh your curls down if you use too much. All of these will work great with a mousse over them.

MOP Leave-in Conditioner

John Masters Organics Citrus Neroli Detangler

HPO Simply Curly Conditioning Styling PuddingThis is a heavy leave-in; just use a little bit. Love this one!

Favorite mousses:

AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse

Good to use on dry hair. Just a little bit between the palms of your hands, rub together and then smooth over curls or gently scrunch

will help keep the moisture in. Seriously concentrated, so be careful how much you use. Great to use to break the glaze left by some products.

MOP Glisten High Shine Pomade

Deep conditioners

They can help with frizz, too. Once a week for 30 minutes can work slight miracles.

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque

MYHoneyChild Olive You Deep Conditioner

Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment

These two products work really well together, super popular combination, rave reviews. Apply a lot of the Curl Keeper on very wet hair and follow with the AG Recoil. Curl Keeper is a leave-in that really helps with frizz and definition. AG Recoil is a curl activator and has some great hold to it — a little goes a long way. Apply in sections.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

AG Re:coil

Great combination for humidity; use Structura and Control ll together — only way to use these products. Pour into palm of hand and apply in sections. Structura first then half the amount of gel. Will dry with a glaze.

Curlisto Control II

Curlisto Structura Lotion