Who hasn’t longed for soft, spiral curls? Even those of us with naturally curly hair sometimes dream about altering our curl pattern, if only for a little while.

This dream is exactly what the UK- based Hair Flair Ltd set out realize when it developed Curlformers, a revolutionary, patented new curling tool. The family-owned business identified a gap in the market for a tool or product that would create variety of curls, from ringlet spirals to loose-barrel waves, which could be used by everyone, without damaging the hair.

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Curlformers are a revolutionary type of hair curling device, revolutionary because the curls are formed inside the Curlformers, rather than outside, as with conventional curlers. And they do it without using potentially damaging flat or curling irons.

“Curlformers are more versatile than Velcro rollers in terms of the looks you can create. Velcro rollers works on a limited range of hair types, whereas CurlFormers works on all hair types, including curly, kinky and wavy,” says Alexandra Malet, Hair Flair’s vice-president of marketing. “They even work on fine hair, relaxed hair and hair extensions.

“It is important to watch the instructional video to see how best to apply your Curlformers,” says Malet, “After you have applied a few, they’re so easy to use,” she says.

Start with freshly washed, damp hair. “Section your hair — or better still, why not make it girlfriend time, and do each others’ hair— then load the Curlformer on the hook. Hook a section of hair, squeeze open the Curlformer and draw the hook back thru the Curlformer,” Malet explains. You can do a head full in 20 minutes, she says.

Malet emphasizes Curlformers’ versatility. “You can get so many different looks,” she says. Some people, she says, just apply them to the bottom part of the hair, so they get the straight-on-top, curly-at-the-bottom look. “If you have wavy hair, you might want to just add a bit of curl here and there.”

After applying the Curlformers, you can dry your hair with a blow dryer or stand dryer, or better yet, let it air dry. The Curlformers’ fun and funky bright colors are practically a fashion statement, so wear them out shopping, Malet encourages. Then take them out just in time for your night on the town, she suggests.

Interestingly, in the US, cheerleaders are some of Curlformers’ most biggest fans. “They absolutely love them. They love the curls they can create with them. They lend themselves perfectly to that sort of audience,” Malet says. Other folks, too, like them: children, brides, moms. “Everyone who tries them, loves them, because they're great fun to use,” Malet says.

Check out the Curlformers website to learn more.

This videos shows how fun and easy Curlformers are to use, and the great results you can get:

Bring on the Curls!


Shampoo and condition hair and towel dry. If you wish, apply a mousse or styling product evenly through your hair to give extra hold to your curls.



You may find it easier to section your hair and use clips to keep it out of the way until you are ready to apply Curlformers to that section.



Make sure you have put together the two parts of the Styling Hook and then, holding the handle, feed the Curlformer on to the Styling Hook. (watch the demo video for help)


Starting at the nape of the neck, take a small section of hair approximately 1/2" or 2cm wide.



Give it a quarter turn twist, hold the handle higher than the hook, and slip the twisted section into the hook. You may find it easier to ask your mum or a friend to help you!



Using your thumb and index finger, squeeze open slightly the end of the Curlformer closest to the scalp, enabling you to draw the hook back through the Curlformer.


Draw the hook back out through each Curlformer.



Apply all the Curlformers in this fashion, working your way from the back of the head through the sides and top to the front.



Dry the hair for 30 minutes with a hairdryer. Ideally, leave the Curlformers in for as long as possible for longer-lasting curls—you can even sleep with them!


To remove the Curlformers, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze open the end closest to the scalp. At the same time, use your free hand to unfurl the Curlformer and gently remove from the hair.



The curl will spring back into place. You can either brush your fingers through your hair for a soft, tousled, textured look or leave for perfect party curls.



Apply your favorite hairspray for longer-lasting hold and shine.