CURLS Founder Talks Cocktailing


2011-03-21 11:05:28

CURLS Founder Talks Cocktailing

Mahisha Dellinger discusses the best ways to mix products to keep your curls and kinks looking their best.

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What is cocktailing? Cocktailing is the term used for creating your own hair products by combining a variety of products tailored to your hair’s needs. Curly girls often have needs specific to their hair type and condition, and since curlies live with the results of the cocktails they produce, they know best what works on their own hair. Cocktailing can include a variety of brands, conditioners, serums, gels and everything but the kitchen sink to give the curly girl just what she is looking for.

Mahisha Dellinger, founder of CURLS, is a big proponent of cocktailing products. Her product line is designed to be mixed together to customize them to your hair's specific needs. We recently talked to her about the benefits of cocktailing to get the most beautiful curls and kinks.

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NaturallyCurly: what does it mean to cocktail products?

Mahisha Dellinger: "Cocktailing products" means to mix or use multiple products (most times from varying hair care lines) to create the perfect curls.

NaturallyCurly: What are the benefits of cocktailing products?

Mahisha Dellinger: It provides you with access to a host of products to create the perfect curls for your hair.

NaturallyCurly: Are there products that should not be cocktailed?

Mahisha Dellinger: Gel-based and cream-based products generally do not cocktail well together. For the best results, when cocktailing these two, apply one on wet hair and allow to dry at least 50 percent before applying the second product.

Dellinger's Top Tips

Reduce frizz: Apply a frizz control gel to wet hair, scrunch and allow to air dry.

Add volume: Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to remove excess product build up and apply conditioner one-inch or more away from the scalp to prevent limp roots.

Stretch curls: Twist out the curls while their drying.

Dellinger's Favorite CURLS Cocktails

Spring and Summer: Cashmere Curls + Curl Gel-les'c

Fall and Winter Cashmere Curls + Curls Milkshake

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