This month, in honor of the site’s “Best of the Best” survey, I’ve decided to write about some of my personal curly hair bests. From hair products to hair ties, here some of my favorite curl-related things:

The Best Product: Bead Head Curls Rock

Somewhere between a gel and cream, this fruity-smelling product is the only one in my arsenal that I’m fiercely loyal to. Before discovering it, I used to use a combination of a cream (for shape”> and a gel (for hold”>. With this product I don’t have to use multiple finishing products in my hair; a couple pumps of Curls Rock and I’m good to go. Not to mention its name totally “gels” with what I think of curls!

The Best Kept Secret: Frizz Ease Secret Weapon

So I say that Curls Rock is the only product I’m fiercely loyal too, but I have to admit that Frizz Ease Secret Weapon finishing cream has gotten me through more bad hair days that I care to count. This is exactly the kind of product that curly girls love: it’s a heavy cream that combats frizz when smoothed over dry hair. It’s perfect for second or third day touch-ups and it contains sunscreen, which just adds to the awesome factor. This is the only defrizz product I use that doesn’t require wet hair or leave my dry hair damp, and a little goes a long way!

Best Hair Innovation: Ouchless Hair Ties

Unless I’m dressed for a formal occasion, I’m never seen without a brown Ouchless hair tie around my wrist. My affection for these hair ties is largely due to one extremely simply innovation. Instead of using little grommets to attach the two ends of the elastic to create a circle, they used strong adhesive to create one smooth, continuous band. The metal pieces seemed to magically invite tangles and contributed to a lot of breakage, but the improved design means I can indulge my fondness for wearing my hair up and without subjecting it to the wear and tear of the older types.

Best Low-tech Solution: Cool Water Rinse

This summer some of my friends and I are living in a big old house in the college town adjacent to our university. Not only does rinsing my hair in cool water at the end of a shower feel fantastic when the temperature climbs, but it also makes my hair shinier. Hot water makes the cuticle of your individual hairs expand, contributing to a rough, frizzy appearance. The cool water makes your hair contract, sealing the cuticle. While this isn’t my “go-to” solution during the winter (brrr”>, it’s a great low-tech trick for a extra boost of shine when the weather’s warm.

Best Hair Advice

I learned this from you, the readers. If you wrap your hair to absorb the excess water, don’t use a towel! The loopy terrycloth catches the individual hairs and promotes frizz. Instead, use an old t-shirt or pillowcase. I read on the site that the smoother fabric leads to smoother curls and it’s definitely true. Just be prepared for a few odd looks around the dorm or at the breakfast table when your friends or family realize you’re wearing your favorite Dave Matthews Band t-shirt around your head!

Now, this list is undeniably incomplete and totally subjective. Some categories I just don’t have bests for. I can’t seem to settle on a favorite shampoo or conditioner, and there is a whole host of products and tools just I don’t use. This is probably because I’m a total sucker for simple. All I need is a bottle of conditioner and a thing of product and I’m good to go. What are your favorite products? Can you abandon all else as long as you have your favorite leave-in? Is your diffuser or wide-tooth comb essential? Let me know!

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Cozy Friedman

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