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Shantelle Small

Shantelle Smail did not like her fine curly hair when she was growing up.

“I was a girly-girl in love with makeup, perfume, and all that good stuff, but I hated my hair,” Small says. “My hair was always fine and somewhat wavy, but it didn’t go curly till I was nearing puberty.”

So all throughout middle school and high school, she had her hair chemically straightened, and she says for years many of her friends didn’t even know she had a head full of naturally curly hair.

“I thought that it would always be my fate to fight with my hair,” she says.

However, in 1990, while living in England and watching a morning television show she discovered John Frieda and fell in love with his frizz-fighting hair products. After seeing how John Frieda transformed frizzy hair into “glorious heads of defined, shiny frizz-free curls" with his Frizz-Ease serum, she immediately went searching for the product and used it.

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Caitlin's Conditioner and Curl Enhancing Treatment

“For the first time thought I could love my curls because they looked fantastic and that started my obsession with making the most of my natural curls,” Small says.

Small refers to herself as a “do-it-yourselfer” and she says that she was always trying to make things better.

In college she majored in chemistry because she loved makeup and she wanted to develop cosmetics.

“I became a serious label-reader when I started being able to decipher all the chemicals that were in the cosmetics and hair and body care products on the market,” she says. “I would look at a product and I wanted to make it myself but better.”

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Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment

By the time she graduated from college she was married with two kids. She ended up getting her degree in business but she had had a lot of education in math, science and chemistry.

“I learned to mix up my own concoctions for my hair and body but they were just simple things that I didn’t even use recipes for: A spray mist for dealing with my bedhead every day and an oil blend to soothe my sensitive scalp,” she says.

One day her son’s fiancé, Caitlin Borland, wanted a conditioner that would make her nearly waist-length highlighted hair soft and shiny.

“The “do-it-yourselfer” in me was happy to take on the challenge,” Small says. “I made some, gave it to her and she loved it.”

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Emollience Hair and Scalp Oil

Small says that Caitlin is the person who encouraged her to think about selling the conditioner and the idea of Spiral Solutions Hair Care was born.

The Spiral Solutions Hair Care line was launched in January 2010; there are currently eight hair and body products available.

The products include:

  • Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment
  • Firm Hold Styling Gel
  • Strength & Shine Protein Spray
  • Emollience, Hair & Scalp Oil
  • Caitlin’s Conditioner and Curl Enhancing Jelly.

Almost all of these products do double duty; they not only can work on your hair but also as body butter and after-shower moisture creams.

The prices range from $12-$18 and the most popular product is the Firm Hold Styling Gel. The gel has aloe vera and a natural silicone alternative that gives the hair a shiny appearance and a silky feel.

Small says that people also use this product as a curl enhancer during the summer and that it works really well for them.

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Firm Hold Styling Gel

“Once this product dries it feels like there’s nothing in your hair; it just feels silky and soft,” she says.

Almost all of her products can be used on every type of hair and she says that women with fine, curly hair love her products.

“I have fine, curly hair and if the products didn’t work for me then they wouldn’t go in my line,” she says.

Spiral Solutions Hair care products are available at through Etsy, a site that allows entrepreneurs who make homemade products to sell their products. Small’s business is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and her products are also available in two Colorado Springs salons, Studio 111 and Spiral Evolution.

Small hopes to expand her line and she currently has five to six products in the works. She also wants to develop products that can help women with 4c curls or women with thicker and coarser hair.

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Strength and Shine Protein Spray

“The challenge is that all ‘curlies’ don’t have the same needs and I’m trying to keep that in mind with my newer products,” she says.

Small says she wants her customers to feel as though their having a spa experience while using her products.

“I use only the finest ingredients, and I try to keep the products as natural as I can, but the chemistry lover in me looks for the best modern ingredients to use as well,” she says. “I utilize a mix of nature and science when I’m designing a product. I also focus on RESULTS. I want every curly girl out there to love her curls as much as I have come to love my own. That means products have to deliver.”

Small feels that her knowledge of business practices and chemistry will help make her business more successful.

“I really feel that I’ve come full circle. I began with a love of chemistry and a desire to design my own products, ended up getting my degree in business, and now I’m utilizing everything I’ve learned to bring my products to the public.”

Toree Roy
The links to the etsy site need to be changed to her new site. :)

LOVE Spiral Solutions, especially the protein treatment, firm hold gel, deeply decadent moisturizing treatment, and the protein spray. And I really like that you can order unscented - I forgot to last order, and I sometimes have dueling fragrances on my head, LOL! I'm pretty sensitive to scents and just prefer none, nothing to clash with my perfume, if I choose to wear any. I've ordered at least three times now, and that's SAYING something from this fickle PJ queen!

Hooray. Shantelle already got back with me and my order is placed!

i totally want to order the STRENGTH & SHINE LEAVE-IN PROTEIN SPRAY and can't find it on etsy....any ideas?

Spiral Solution Products are the best I have ever come across. They are seriously my HG! I am anxiously waiting for the cleansing cream and the conditioning mist. Shantelle is easy to deal with, totally personable, and mixes up a fantastic lot of frizz-free, perfectly formed curls, well conditioned, smelling GREAT products. The SS products have given me the best curls I have ever had! Thanks so much for the wonderful insight to bring us "curlies" the best possible products for our coils! Love, love, love Spiral Solutions!

I love everything I've tried so far and can't wait for the new cleansers and mist! So very very excited!

Spiral Solutions has become my favourite line. When I want a guaranteed 'good hair day', I turn to Spiral Solutions. I have tried all her current products and love them all. I can't wait for the cleansers to be finished; I can't imagine not loving them. When I use Spiral Solutions, I always get lots of volume and defined frizz-free curls that are still touchable and soft. Congratulations on the success of your line Shantelle !!!

Oooh, a Facebook giveaway sounds like a great idea, especially if it can be soemthing of a set (for people to try more than one product in combination). Maybe with a simple condition: Must post a review at CurlTalk or on Facebook about the products won. I think that would be nice, yes.

Shantelle's product are FIRST RATE. I've ordered from her three times, and that's proof of how good her line is. I also have fine, curly hair and hated it growing up, even though I went natural in 1978 out of frustration with hair dryers. It wasn't until the 80's came and curly hair was IN that I started really LIKING my curls :) I wish we had these great products back then so I could have had lovely hair all along. I highly recommend Spiral Solutions, especially--if your hair is fine or loves protein--the protein spray (so easy to shoot it on the canopy or ends or dry spots for a boost), Caitlyn Condish, Firm Hold Gel, and of course the STAR of the show for me, Curl Enhancing Jelly. Amazing stuff. I have a spare in the fridge cause I hate to run out. I call Spiral Solutions the products for "sex ready hair" cause it leaves me TOUCHABLE, not crunchy or hard or plasticky or sticky. Touchable. That mattes to me! Hooray for SHANTELLE!

I love the Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment! I plan on trying her other products as well.

P.S You guys should work with her and have a give-away on Facebook!

I want to try the curl enhancing jelly!

Great article~I use Spiral Solutions Protein Spray and Protein Repair Treatment and love them. The ingredients are really high end and they smell wonderful on my hair!