Dear Ouidad: What should I look for in a stylist (if no Certified Salon available)?

A: If you are unable to visit a Ouidad or Ouidad Certified salon, here are my tips for finding a great curly hair stylist:

Word of Mouth - When you see someone who has your hair type with a cut you really admire, ask where they get their hair cut.

Reputation - Call a salon in your area that has a great reputation. Describe your specific hair concerns to the receptionist and ask him or her for a stylist recommendation. Also, be sure to describe what type of cut you are looking for—trendy, classic—as this will also help him or her point you in the right direction.

Curly Hair – Call around and look for a stylist that has curly hair. Most likely, he or she has dealt with the same curl-related issues that you have and understands your needs.