Welcome to the new “Frizzoff.com”, the official website of Curly Hair Solutions. This new website is a result of years of research and customer feedback and is specifically geared towards you - people with curly hair. Check out our award-winning Curl Keeper, a product that has raised the standard for excellence in the industry and is recognized as being the top-performing product for curly hair.

Learn all about Jonathan Torch, founder and head stylist at Curly Hair Solutions. The Curly Hair Institute is becoming a famous one-stop shopping destination for people with curly hair. Scroll through this section and read about Jonathan’s methods of cutting, styling, coloring and treating curly hair. Here you will find the history of Jonathan Torch’s famous Tunnel Cut and learn about different styling techniques, including our own "Wet Styling" technique that will give you total control of your curls with no frizz and much more.

Our Hair Thoughts section describes all things curly. Some of the topics that are covered are: the importance of a consultation; pH levels; how to manage your curls in humidity and other weather conditions; winter hat hazards and indoor heating. This just scratches the surface as the Hair Thoughts section goes into many more curly hair topics.

All orders placed on Frizzoff.com will receive a free Slip Detangler (4 oz) through the end of April.

The Frizzoff section includes key information about curly hair for children. Here you will find information about our TV and other media appearances, past magazine articles and general stories about curly hair. Also within Frizzoff is our Curly Hair Club. The Curly Hair Club is free to join and boasts a membership of over twenty-five thousand curly heads that are kept informed of all special offers, events and calendar shows. Our club members also play a huge role in research and development and their input assists us in creating new products and solutions.

The Hair Gallery displays “Before and After” makeovers of many different curly hair types. Makeovers are a key element in learning which products are right for you. We, at Curly Hair Solutions, are dedicated to providing information and teaching people about all elements of curly hair.

Check out our Video Gallery which will give you step-by-step instructions and "how to" videos, all relating to curly hair. Learn how to create the best hairstyles for curly hair and tips on how to use our products and accessories.

Choose your Curl Category is a new addition to Frizzoff.com and divides curly hair into three separate categories. Browse the curl categories to determine which one fits you best. We have provided the right products, tips, techniques and accessories for each curl category.

Some other new sections include: Kids Section, Products, Articles/Stories, Kits, Press, and Ingredients: What’s in it for you?

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