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Summer is nearly here. Thoughts of white jeans and tropical drinks are welcome after months spent in sweaters and indoor heating. The weather is changing from dry and cold to warm and humid. And your hair routine has to change as well.

It is time to really listen to your curls. If you have a lot of tangles, your locks are feeling rough and there is breakage, you need some serious rescue from the winter wear and tear. And you need to protect your locks from the stresses yet to come from summer sun, chlorine and salt water.

First Aid Kit

Our First Aid Kit

Healthy, moisturized hair at the beginning of the summer is the best way to combat the dreaded frizz. To help you, has developed a First Aid Kit for your curls. The five products in the kit are all about rescue and replenishment.

The First Aid Kit is a great smart way to get your curls ready and healthy for the summer. Now that you have gotten your new summer season hair routine organized, you can breath a sigh of relief.

But what do you do with your hair at the pool or beach? We all know the curly challenges we face when we go swimming. There we are, outside in the sun and salt air, without a dryer, mirror or our HG products. What’s a curly girl to do? The very idea of it is enough to keep a curly girl like me away from water.

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But there is another option. Along with water, a trashy novel, and sunscreen, I keep my beach bag well stocked with curly products, and some tips for keeping my curls looking good:

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