Dear CurlySuzy: I have baby fine, very curly, very thin hair. I live in a very dry mountain climate: Park City, Utah.....

I have currently been using the Deva products: No Poo shampoo, One Condition, AnGel and Set it Free.

I have had in my collection Pureology curl cream as well which seems to hold better than the Deva after shampoo products.

Do you have any other suggestions of products that might be better than that which I am using now...... I am looking for volume and more crunch rather than the ringlets........

Dear Lisa: I would stay with your Deva products and maybe add or combine to what you are already doing. Have you tried using the DevaCare Arc AnGel? That has more hold than the DevaCurl AnGel. Also a lot of curlies spray the Set It Free in the palms of their hands and then pour the AnGel into it. Mixing them together and then applying the combination to your curls can work really well.

For more volume here are some suggestions below to some cleansers that you could alternate with. I would not give up the No Poo, though.

If you like your Pureology Cream continue with it and add a mousse over it for added volume. You can also try the mousse on its own and see if that works for your curls. Experimenting is what we Curlies are constantly doing. I hope the suggestions below will help you find what works best for your unique curls. Good luck!

DevaCare Arc AnGEL

Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo

Elucence Volume Designing Foam

AG Thikk Wash

AG Weightless Foam Mousse

Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse