In my recent article 6 Oils and Butters for the DIY-Challenged, I confessed that DIY oil and butter blends are not my cup of tea. I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion a home mixtress — I loathe the idea of whipping cake batter. So when Deepthi Organics came knocking, I was beyond excited to dabble into two new oils that I hadn’t seen much about online. I was sent two oils from the Organic Verdana collection — the Shine & Control Hair Oil and the Moroccan Beauty Oil.

Both bottles are well on their way to being empty, and with good reason. They are versatile and multi-use, which gets them ranked high in my book. Both oils are 100% natural, silicone-free (curly girl friendly”>, scented with essential oils, and free of parabens and other synthetic preservatives. The Organic Verdana oils are certified organic by EcoCert as well.

I fell in love with Deepthi Organics, and I seriously cannot get enough of the Moroccan Beauty Oil and Shine & Control Hair Oil. Here’s why:


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For more information on the products themselves:

Moroccan Beauty Oil

Description: Liquid Gold in a Bottle, Dermatologist Tested. Multifunctional product for skin & hair.

  • Extremely light and fast absorbing
  • Ideal nighttime treatment for face & neck
  • Softens dry elbows and heels
  • Tames and conditions hair
  • Nourishes scalp and cuticles
  • For all skin and hair types
Top Ingredients 411:
  • Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan”> Oil:  Oil derived from the seeds of the fruit of the Argan tree, touted for high concentrations of vitamins A and E, Omega-6 fatty acids, carotenes, squalene , phenols and other phytonutrients. These are critical in the development and maintenance of a healthy skin barrier and healthy hair. Antioxidant rich and able to penetrate the hair to some degree, Argan oil can help reverse and repair signs of aging hair and skin, as well as protect it from further damage. Argan oil conditions, softens, and improves elasticity in hair and skin. 
  • Organic Sweet Orange OilEssential oil fragrance known for brightening, and mood-boosting properties. Also contains mild cleansing propertes which can help prevent buildup of oil and product on the hair.
  • Organic Melaeuca Quiquenervia (Niaouli”> OilNatural essential oil made of the Niaouli leaves and branches, native to Australia and Madagascar. It is promoted for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and preservative-like properties.Used to keep oils and butters from going rancid without the potentially harmful side effects of traditional preservatives.

Shine & Control Hair Oil

Description: For silky smooth hair. Tames frizz and flyaways. Dermatologist tested. Non-greasy; perfect for all hair types. Super light, quick absorbing, organically scented.

Top Ingredients 411:
  • Capric/caprylic triglyceride: Fractionated coconut oil that is light weight, nutrient rich, and fast absorbing. All the benefits of coconut oil without the heaviness.
  • Organic Glycine Soja (Soybean”> Oil: Moisturizing and nourishing oil rich in omega 3 fats and protein.
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil:  Nourishes hair, smoothes hair cuticles to control shedding, promotes hair growth and thickness, prevents hair loss, and boosts shine.
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil: Pressed oil of the sunflower seed, rich in omegas 6 and 9 which help stimulate growth, improve elasticity, and ciments the cuticle layers to help improve moisture retention and correct porosity issues.
  • Organic Sesame Seed Oil: Oil enriched with Vitamin E, B complex and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and protein which strengthens the hair from the root and gives deep nourishment.
  • Also contains extracts of Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Lavender, and Green Myrtle. These extracts work together to nourish the roots of the hair, stimulate the scalp, and increase luster while revitalizing dry, dull, brittle hair.
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