Jesse Reese, Grand Prize Winner of the DevaCurl Challenge, was treated to an all-expenses-paid weekend trip to New York City in September.

With her curly mom, Maryann, in tow, both lovely ladies spent the day at the Devachan Salon and Spa on Broome Street while the Curly Girl herself, Lorraine Massey, tended to their tresses. Lorraine Massey had little to do to condition Reese’s curls because they were "Deva Healthy. "

Reese has been a DevaCurl lover for as long as she can remember and a true crusader for curly girls. She told the Deva staff story after story about how she constantly had to defy the norm as people all around her encouraged her to straighten her hair. The worst culprit was a college professor who told her that her curls were messy and unkempt looking and that if she wanted to get a job after college and be taken seriously, she should straighten her hair. Well, not Reese! Instead she continued to embrace her curls every step of the way and is a strong, smart, beautiful curly girl!

Deva teamed up with NaturallyCurly in the spring for the Curly Girl Challenge, which encouraged readers to try the Deva 3-step regimen and and to share their stories.

As the Grand Prize Winner, Reese will appear in Massey's "Curly Girl 2" — the sequel to her popular curl bible "Curly Girl".