Curl guru Lorraine Massey drew editors from the nation’s top consumer magazines to Devachan Salon in New York to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her curl-centric salon and to launch her new, unique ionic diffuser.

At the Oct. 17 event, editors tasted dainty wild mushroom tarts, gourmet pastries, fresh berries and yogurt, as Devachan stylists offered them a visual taste of the DevaFuser and Sun Dryer.

Shari Harbinger, a partner and color director at Devachan, says the new tool for curlies differs from other dryers on the market, in part because it’s not set at the very hot temperatures that can disturb curls and cause dreaded frizziness. The most obvious visual difference is the shape of the DevaFuser, which is designed in the form of a hand.

“It can actually get inside the hair and push up while it’s drying the hair from the scalp at the top of the head, and actually creates lift that a conventional diffuser can’t do,” says Harbinger.

Another major difference is what Harbinger calls “360-surround air flow,” which means that air comes from every side of the DevaFuser into the hair. The idea is to dry the scalp and the outside of the hair simultaneously, which cuts down on drying time.

“This is the first dryer that has come out in 60 years that is different,” Massey told the group of editors, while gently urging them to remember the curly girl in their magazines. “Our whole thing is to get our clients to be self-sufficient and to love their own hair, and we teach them everything they need to know. Then they go out and tell another 20 girls. And this new DevaFuser is the most incredible thing that has happened to me as a hairdresser because I was never able to really use the regular diffuser on my clients. This is really, truly revolutionary.”

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