If you’ve had trouble getting an appointment at Devachan Hair and Departure Lounge, help is on the way. Devachan will be opening a second Soho location this fall. The new 15,000-square-foot spa will have a world-class spa as well as training facilities for stylists and novice curlies.

“It’s going to be gorgeous,” says an ecstatic Lorraine Massey, co-partner in Devachan and the creator of the Curly Girl philosophy.

Massey said the new salon will have more than a dozen stylists, each specially training the Curly Girl philosophy. She envisions a system where customers are directed to the stylists who can best work with them.

“Press 1 if you’re coming out of the curl closet, press 2 if it’s your second time, press 3 if you’re a veteran,” Massey says. “A beginner haircut may take more than an hour and a half. As they progress and become more comfortable with curls, they’re a little bit more willing to play.”

On Saturdays, the salon will host workshops for beginner curlies interested in learning how to work with their curls. The fee will go toward Devacurl products. She also envisions a big plexiglass bin into which customers can toss their old hair products for discounts on their new Curly Girl friendly regime.

Massey also plans to launch Sunday School, a Curly Girl workshop for kids aged 7 to 14. The class will be part training and part support group.

“It’s about helping them get comfortable with their hair,” says Massey. “We’re hoping we can eliminate their stress for the rest of their lives. “I think it could be magical. I know it would be a lifechanging experience for them.”


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