When the Devachan Salon first opened more than 21 years ago, it was one of the pioneers in helping women love their curls. At the time, many thought curls and coils were a passing trend, but for Devachan and the Devacurl brand, it was a 365-day-a-year passion - a way of life for huge portion of the population who was born with texture.

The Devacurl line launched in 2002 with Mist-er Right, followed by No-Poo. No-Poo was a revolutionary produce that launched the trend of sulfate-free cleansers. With its silicone-free products, Devacurl ignited the Curly-Girl "CG" movement, which has been embraced around the world by women of all textures. Despite its success, the line wasn't completely meeting the needs of those with tighter textures.

"We heard from our consumers that they needed more - more moisture benefits, more strength benefits," says Shari Harbinger, VP of Education for DevaCurl. "That's where the inspiration for this line came from." Devacurl listened, and this week unveiled its new line which includes three new products designed to provide the additional moisture that super curly (coily) hair craves: SuperCream, No-Poo Decadence and One Condition Decadence. SuperCream will hit the stores next week, while the Decadence products will be available in September.

Devacurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler is a multitasking styler designed to help tighter textures create a variety of looks. It contains coconut oil, jojoba protein and corn starch. The Decadence line contains ingredients like Chufa milk, grapeseed oil, quinoa and olive oil.

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"I’m so excited to be representing the brand," says Allo. "I wrote a list of goals earlier this year and one of my goals was to work with a hair company. I drew an arrow, and at the end of the arrow was DevaCurl. It’s so authentic and such a great partnership."

Here are photos from the launch, I spy a few of our curlfriends!

Had a #devamoment with these ladies last night at our awesome event

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If you've already tried the new products, share your first impressions in the comments below!

The new SuperCream will be available soon at CurlMart.