How many of you woke up this morning and put on thigh high boots, leggings, and your killer sweater dress that hugs every curve on you? Well if you live here in Georgia, there is no way you made it to the car let alone to work. Unless you want to pass out due to a heat stroke your clothing selection has changed in the past 5 months.

Did you know that, for optimal curl performance, your hair care regimen should change with the season just like your wardrobe?

Most curly girls think that their hair just didn’t like the leave-in you stocked up on in February. When the weather changes, your hair and body require different maintenance as well. Don’t just take my word for it, let’s see what 2 of your favorite curly bloggers have to say.

Marlene Dominguez (@curlswithapromise), blogger and executive assistant to Hayia Rodriguez (@gethaiya), says that during the summer, she has to lighten up on the coating oils:

Since moving to Texas, my hair has been suffering a tad bit with the Texas sun. I stay away from oils because the sun will fry my hair. I keep my curls hydrated and wear lots of protective hairstyles! I usually deep condition on the go! I am also careful while entering chlorine-based pools. I often braid my hair before and then deep condition right after the pool.

If you aren’t sure if your hair regimen needs to change get to know your curls on a more intimate level.

Felicia Jones (@hif3licia), curl reviewer and enthusiast, gives very practical advice on knowing when to change things up:

I change my curl regimen with the season if I start to notice my curls are feeling differently. One of the reasons I do daily massages and finger detangle is to get to know how my hair feels. If its feeling brittle and rough I know I need moisture, if they feel weighed down I need to clarify, and if they feel slighted mushy I know to lay off the moisture.

As a professional licensed hair artist I believe in listening to your curls. when I say that I mean becoming familiar with how they feel and respond to the products you are using. It will always be important to study the ingredients on the label. Here are some of the top product picks for the season, according to Marlene and Felicia.

Marlene’s top products this season

Felicia's top products this season

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