I am a self proclaimed product junkie and I have some favorite products.

Recently, my hair has been looking a bit lifeless, and feeling extra dry and unmanageable despite frequent deep conditioning treatments, air drying and thinking I was doing the right thing by following the Curly Girl Method. I decided to give the Curly Girl Method a break, and not to obsess over using silicone-free products. Remember, what works for one head of hair may not work for all, hair can change over time and there is also a myth that our hair might even get used to certain products. 
I decided to invest in some Kerastase products...to see if they live up to all of the hype

I decided to invest in some Kerastase products I have heard so much about over the years to see if they live up to all of the hype about being some of the best products out there. Pricy? Yes, very. But my hair is starting to behave better again so that is worth every penny. Here are my thoughts on a few of their products.

Kerastase Initialiste

What Kerastase Says:

Transform your hair in 7 days with Initialiste. Our 1st skincare-inspired super serum that acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty: 1. Strength 2. Shine 3. Softness 4. Substance

9 out of 10 women* saw a visible difference in their hair texture after one week. With continued usage, your hair stays healthier from root to tip allowing it to grow longer† with 93% less breakage. The new Must-Have for all hair types. Maximize the potential length of your hair. Keep it longer and stronger as it grows.

What I Say

After I wash my hair (twice a week) on clean hair I follow the instructions and apply it on my clean scalp and then massage. I think it is making my hair softer and I definitely notice more shine. I also seem to be shedding less which is huge for me. I will continue to use it to see if it helps fight breakage and aid hair growth. I have only been using this about a month, so I look forward to seeing more long term results.


What They Say

Oil-infused gel-to-milk purifying pre-cleanse prepares the fiber for optimal shampoo and conditioner performance. Optimal Hair Fiber Preperation, Boosts performance of any Kérastase Shampoo & Conditioner, Leaves hair feeling soft & purified. Ideal blend of 6 precious oils to boost protection, resistance, shine and nutrition: coriander, coco, rice, argan, cranberry and grape seed oils.

What I Say

One of my favorite Kerastase products! The formula is so unique, it feels like jelly. I like to use this like a pre-poo, so I usually apply this to my whole head the day I am going to wash later on, then wear my hair in a ponytail. It helps with frizz and provides shine for the day. When I wash my hair at night, there are no tangles and I can run my hands through my hair! Seriously, my hands glide down my hair like butter, it is crazy!! This has become my favorite pre-poo treatment.

Discipline Range

What They Say

According to Kerastase, "L’Oréal Advanced Research decided to focus on women’s dissatisfaction with their unmanageable, frizzy or undisciplined hair. The researchers took to heart women’s desire for 'obedient' hair that does exactly what they want it to do. This new approach has enabled them to create Discipline, a sophisticated range to tame even the most unruly hair while also restoring harmony and the beauty of perfect motion. If the promise made by Discipline is a promise that breaks with the past, it’s thanks to the combined action of  Morpho-Keratine™, a unique blend of shape enhancing ingredients to consolidate hair fiber and Surface-morphing polymers to smooth surface roughness."

What I Say

This line sounds like it was created for my hair, seriously you should see it when I don't take the time to style it properly, it's scary.  I have been really enjoying these products. I've been using them as a system and overall I notice my hair does feel softer with less frizz and is more manageable. So I believe the line is living up to its claims.


Some of the ingredients used throughout the line include:

  • MORPHO-KERATINE: technology restores inner flexibility and weightlessly disciplines the outer fiber for perfect hair movement, taming frizz and protecting against humidity
  • CONDITIONING AGENTS: to reduce static and frizz
  • SHINE AMPLIFIER: to add shine to the hair
  • XYLOSE: for heat styling protection

DISCIPLINE Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate-Free  (shampoo)

What They Say

Smooth-in-motion sulfate free shampoo provides discipline and fluidity. Optimal nourishment without weight. For sensitized or chemically-treated hair.

What I say

This sulfate free shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and not stripped at all. A little goes a long way and it has a pleasant, fresh fragrance. I still need to follow up with conditioner to properly moisturize my hair, but I really like this as step one for frizz free locks.

DISCIPLINE Fondant Fluidealiste (conditioner)

What They Say

Smooth-in-motion conditioner makes hair extremely soft to the touch. Daily conditioner. Instantly transforms hair to be softer, smoother and fluid-like. Provides suppleness and shine with a lightweight finish. For fine to normal, unmanageable hair

What I Say

Because my hair is so super dry and unmanageable, whenever I shampoo I always follow up with a deep conditioning mask, so imstead I use this conditioner as a leave in after and my hair feels extremely soft.

DISCIPLINE Maskeratine (deep conditioner masque)

What They Say
Smooth-in-motion mask provides maximum frizz control and extreme softness. Provides maximum frizz control, extreme softness and suppleness. Seals ends to help prevent future blowdry damage. For Fine to Coarse, Unmanageable Hair.
What I say

This masque is SUPER concentrated and a little really does go a long way. The price is high so that's a sigh of relief for me.  This is now on my Holy Grail Masque list as I agree it does help control my frizz and make my usually brittle feeling hair feel EXTREMELY soft. Makes detangling easier too. I don't blow dry every single wash, but whether I do blow dry or air dry, it just makes my hair look better in every possible way and gives me a better sense of control over the frizz beast on my head. I like to leave it on at least 10 minutes at a time, but usually I try to do 30. Sometimes I do cocktail it with other Kerastase and non Kerastase masques as well.

DISCIPLINE Spray Fluidissime

What They Say

Thermal anti-frizz protection spray provides shine and control. Instantly eases blowdry with heat protection up to 450°F. Provides shine and control with 72 hours of frizz protection. For fine to coarse, unmanageable hair.

What I Say

As I mentioned, I don't blow-dry my hair all that often but when I do, I will spray this after using leave in conditioner to protect my hair from the heat. Not only does my hair look shinier when I use this, but there is also a dramatic cut in frizz and volume which I LOVE!

I am happy to report that based on what I have tried from Kerastase so far, I understand why hairdressers, celebrities and people all over the world love this line and constantly talk about it! There is some good stuff right here. I also was reading that the Kerastase Discipline line has an In Salon treatment to even further help frizz and not disrupt curl pattern...I am SUPER intrigued!

Also worth noting

I recently went to the salon for a trim and to get my hair color redone. I enjoy getting my hair blown out straight at the salon in the cooler months (she uses heat protectant spray and I always get a treatment right after color) and my hairdresser commented my hair felt softer and more manageable to blow out than the last time I went to see her, which was before I started using Kerastase products.

Have you tried any Kerastase products? Let me know if there are any other products you'd like me to review.

Note: this post is not sponsored by Kerastase.