Recently, some of the lovely ladies of made a trip to José Luis Salon in Austin, Texas, to experience a Shu Uemura Hair Ceremony.

What is a Hair Ceremony, you ask? Well, it is a balance of Eastern beauty mixed with Western glamour that is inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. There are three ceremonies you can have the pleasure of experiencing. The Purifying Ceremony is a clarifying treatment that cleanses and purifies the hair while adding moisture. The Haircare Ceremony is a customized blend that adds shimmer, moisture and volume all while replenishing the hair. The third treatment is called the Complete Ceremony which is a combination of both the Purifying Ceremony and Haircare Ceremony.

It was a completely relaxing experience and exceptionally beneficial for any type of hair. From the minute you sit in the chair and they hand you a warm towel, you feel pampered. After massaging oil into the scalp, they take you back to the shampoo area where they give you a blanket and an iPod with tranquil music and massage moisturizing potions onto your hair and scalp, complete with Shiatsu massage.

“It was an incredibly peaceful experience,” said NaturallyCurly co-founder Michelle Breyer.

Shu Uemura was founded by Mr. Shu Uemura in the late 1950s. He is most widely known as the “first celebrity make-up artist” during the 1960s and for his famous Tokyo Lash Bar. In 2007, Uemura ventured in to the “Art of Hair” and now has a huge following in the hair world.

Shu Uemura has some amazing products out there for us curlies. My two favorites are the Liquid Fabric, which is designed to accentuate the beauty of curls, and the Cotton Uzu, which is a lightweight fiber cream that adds a unique texture to the hair.

If you are ever in the Austin area, I highly recommend stopping by José Luis Salon and getting a Hair Ceremony for yourself—you are going to absolutely love it!