Curlformers is Giving you Rocker-Boho Chic this Fall

You don't have to be a rough-and-tumble rocker to wear a style this sharp. All you'll need are your curls, your favorite shredded jeans, a thrift store-salvaged leather jacket, and a kit stocked with everything you need for defined, bouncy, soft, and shiny curls: Curlformers!

Inspired by the brand’s Boho Chic inspired#TextureOnTheRunway, curl definition, bouncy corkscrews, and natural sheen can be yours within moments. It's simple! Follow the steps below to get the look that will be a showstopper well into the New Year and beyond.

How to get The Rocker-Boho Chic Look

  1. Detangle and smooth hair with theHairFlair Large Paddle Brush. For small tangles and fairie knots, use your fingers to detangle. Afterward, useFlairosol to dampen hair with water to add some slip to your curls. You'll love Flairosol's micro-mist applicator that allows a fine mist to quickly cover your hair with ease.
  2. Section curls into 4-6 parts, start by parting your hair in the middle from the front of your hairline.
  3. Use alligator clips to keep sections in place as you begin installing your Classic - Corkscrew Curlformers.
  4. Using the pointy end of a rattail comb or the front teeth of a wide-tooth comb, create 1 to 1 1/2-inch sections of hair. Gently glide your hair strands through the Curlformer using the styling hook.
  5. Repeat step 4 on each section of your hair.
  6. Set your curls by covering them with theHairFlair Deluxe Softhood and attaching your hairdryer to it. Switch your hairdryer to low heat; dry your curls for 30-45 minutes. Depending on your porosity and hair length, you may need to add on more time.
  7. When curls are completely dry, gently slide the Curlformers off your hair.
  8. Accessorize with a bold lip, HairFlair headscarf, and a little bit of attitude!
  9. Let the results speak for themselves.

Curlformers help curls stay bouncy and soft, never limp or dull.

Like your favorite bands, singers, and rockers, the Rocker-Boho Chic is a cool look no matter the time, reason, or season. Able to be worn all year long, this look doesn't fall flat.

Recommendation: Keep in mind that you will want to use a curl cream or gel styler formulated to nourish and strengthen hair strands when setting this style.

For curlies with fine hair, use your trusted mousses and setting lotions to set this look. For flashing-lights curls, use an oil-based finishing spray to enhance every curve of those curls.

PRO TIP: Make your styling experience even better, faster, cuter by getting yourself a second styling hook; you'll be so glad you did!

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There's no end to how you can rock your defined, shiny, and bouncy curls.

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As ever, rock on!

This post and video are sponsored by Curlformers.