Follow these steps from veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa to get your locks fall fashion ready!

A Gradual Transformation

Transitioning your summer locks to fall is a slow and steady process that allows you to have a gradual transformation that's done right!.

4. Add depth!

Slowly start to add depth back into your hair via lowlights. Just an initial shading. You don't want to go too dark at first.

5. Weave

Five weeks later, add more depth by weaving in more dark pieces.

6. Add more depth

Seven weeks later, add additional depth. For the majority of the time, this will be the final step of the fall color transformation. However, it may take additional time if you want your change to be even more gradual. Talk to you stylist about what is right for you and your curls.


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Alicia Ward

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