An interview with Jasmine Lawrence Founder and CEO of EDEN BodyWorks.

NC: Can you tell me about your curly hair story?

JL: One of my staple styles, twists, allows me to maintain my curl pattern after I’ve worn my hair straight. I really embraced my curly texture when I began experimenting with natural ingredients like peppermint, jojoba, coconut and tea tree oils. The moisturizing benefits made it easy to self-maintain my hair and prevent further damage. I enjoy the flexibility of curly hair — Afros, twists, wet and wild, etc. All of those styles allow me to flaunt my unique persona through my hair. My curly hair is like an accessory: each day can reflect a new personal style!

NC: Let’s talk a bit about the line/products. Can you tell me about it, the ingredients etc.?

JL: We have two brand families currently, Peppermint Tea Tree and JojOba Monoi. Both lines were formulated with all natural ingredients and have no sulfates, no parabens, no mineral oils and no petroleum/petrolatum. Peppermint oil is great for balancing the scalp’s pH and improving circulation to stimulate hair growth while tea tree oil helps to remove product build up to allow for gentle cleansing. If your hair lacks moisture, the JojOba Monoi line is packed with jojoba and coconut goodness to restore, repair and strengthen the hair. The JojOba Monoi collection is a curly girl’s best friend to achieve hydrated, healthy curls. It leaves the hair feeling amazingly soft!

NC: Who was your product line developed for?

JL: Our products were designed for everyone who desires healthy, happy hair: women, children and men!

NC: How do your products work for curlies? What results can they expect?

JL: Curly textures enjoy the cleansing, anti-bacterial and refreshing properties of our Peppermint Tea Tree products combined with the moisturizing benefits of our JojOba Monoi collection. Both lines are packed with essential oils and all-natural ingredients for healthy hair care. Our shampoos and moisturizing conditioners are served up with milks and oils for optimum daily moisture maintenance. You can expect clean, soft, bouncy healthy tresses.

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