These days the term “Old Hollywood” elicits images of long, loose waves and the types of hairstyles that women with naturally curly hair cannot hope to recreate without the use of curlers or heat tools. But Old Hollywood glamour can be achieved with curly hair, just take one look at the stunning Dorothy Dandridge. 

If you are feeling bored with your wash-and-go, like I recently was, then channel Dorothy with this curly bob look.

How to get the look

Last night, I did bantu knots after deep conditioning and co-washing my hair.

I did 8 to 10 of them–while my hair was drying but still wet, I smothered each section with my Obia Twist Whip Butter, which is an excellent emollient for smoothing my frizzy cuticles and sealing them with moisture. Some naturals like to twist as close to their scalp as possible, but that does not matter so much with me–it looks more natural when my knots are a little imperfect and asymmetrical.

I then covered my hair with my satin headwrap, went to sleep and waited today for the takedown.

This morning, I unraveled my bantu knots gently.

To minimize frizz, I poured a dime-sized amount of Bahamian Tresses Peppermint Elixir to the pads of my fingers beforehand.

I separated each bantu knot out slowly as a further precaution, and I didn’t use a wide tooth comb or pick.

To give my hair the appearance of a curly bob for that Old Hollywood look, I tucked in the back pieces underneath with a bobby pin.


What I Used

This style lasted a full day; if I had re-bantu knotted my hair at night, I am sure it would have been preserved for the next day and so on.


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