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Bond realignment treatments are one of the newest types of professional in salon treatments being used to help prevent damage to the hair during color services.

For example, Olaplex is a bond realignment treatment that realigns the hairs disulphide bonds.  Disulphide bonds are the strongest bonds that make up the hair. They can only be broken by chemicals, heat from thermal irons, and over manipulating the hair in a way that causes wear and tear of the hairs cuticle. Olaplex realigns the disulphide bonds making the hair stronger and preventing breakage for any chemically treated hair from relaxers to perms and keratin treatments.

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With bond realignment services hairstylist are able to constantly improve the strength of the hair and can now push the envelope with color techniques in ways that could have been damaging to the hair before.

There are a variety of bond realignment treatments available for hairstylist to use today. You can ask your stylist or hair colorist to recommend one of these treatments depending on your hair and what it needs.

Brazilian Blowout created b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, which realigns all three bonds that make up the hair. This includes the disulphide bonds, salt bonds, and hydrogen bonds, according to Alfredo Lewis, who is the global director of education of Brazilian Professionals.

Alfredo Lewis says: “Realigning all three bonds reduces damage to the cellular membrane complex. The cellular membrane complex is like an adhesive that keeps the layers of the cuticle of the hair stuck together. When the cellular membrane complex loses the “stickiness” it allows the hairs cortex to become exposed.  The cellular membrane complex can deteriorate from heat damage, chemical services or mechanical damage.  When the cortex is exposed our hair lacks shine, breaks off and splits easily.  When hair color is applied to our hair the cortex is affected and if the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex are not realigned the hair is subject to damage.”

The b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is one step, which consists of the product being mixed into any color formula to prevent breakage during chemical services.  It works on strengthening the inner structure of the hair.

When the cellular membrane complex is realigned by b3 Brazilian Bond Builder your hair color will be more vibrant and the hair color will last longer because the cuticle is sealed so the pigment gets locked inside the hair.

Why would you get the b3 Brazilian Bond Builder instead of Olaplex?

According to hairstylist Tamara Scott of Mane Advocates Studio: “Since b3 doesn’t add to the processing time and is only one step it is a good add-on treatment for color that doesn’t lengthen the client’s visit. If the client’s hair is in good shape the b3 Brazilian Bond Builder should keep it there when lightening more than a couple of levels.”

Alfredo Lewis says, “B3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a great option for highlights because although it is recommended to bump up the developer to get desired color results, hairstylists do not see the need to bump up their developer because the b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is anhydrous, which means it does not contain water.”  This means that the product being used to color your hair will not be diluted by the b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.

Have you noticed any improvement in the health of the clients’ hair using Olaplex and b3 Brazilian Bond Builder?

Tamara of Mane Advocates Studio says “I see a drastic improvement when using Olaplex. This is a revolutionary product. The hair is left in better shape than before the chemical service. With prolonged use there is less breakage, fewer split ends, the hair feels stronger, the elasticity is improved and there are fewer flyways.  All textures from kinky to straight have a silkier feel when the strands are touched.”

What is the difference between the take home products for Olaplex and b3 Brazilian Bond Builder?

According to Tamara, “the only at home option for Olaplex is the Hair Perfector No.3. I have noticed less breakage and the overall integrity of the hair is improved with this system. This treatment can be used in conjunction with all types of chemical services.  Olaplex No.1 can even be added into the relaxer with some adjustments.  The No.3 for home use is pricey for a small amount of product and the cost can add up if you have a lot of hair.”

There is a b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner, and Reconstructor that is recommended to use at home to help realign bonds after color services, but in Alfredo Lewis’s opinion they are not all mandatory to use.

Have you had a bond realignment treatment after a color or chemical service? If so, which one did you try?

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