Hey guys! My name is Char.

I currently live in Washington, DC, from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm in my senior year studying Sports Medicine at Howard University. I also find joy in modeling and establishing my brand. I've been embracing my natural hair all of my life, and my curly hair full-time for a year now. My hair was so damaged from constantly putting heat and color in it that I decided to cut out the heat and become a curly girl, and I'm so glad I did. 

My style: Beauty in simplicity.

I like to keep it simple with my style, mostly solid colors or minimal patterned outfits. Natural looking, clean face makeup. Rarely wear jewelry...not even earrings! (Although, I do wear my favorite watch on occasion). My definition of beauty is doing what you're passionate about, being the person you want to be, and living life with love and not hatred. When I see those attributes in a person, I see beauty. I am confident in knowing that whatever project I am working on, I will do it to my best ability.

If I have the passion, then I have the confidence.

My daily curly hair routine

My daily routine consists of showering, of course! I start with washing my hair--by wash I mean just condition--with Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Conditioner. I do not use shampoo, whatsoever. I'll let the conditioner sit in my hair as I continue with my shower, then detangle with a wide tooth comb.

Next, I wash most of the conditioner out, only leaving a little left in. I finish off with Eco Styler Gel and jojoba oil and let air dry. I'll use a pick at the roots or I'll blow dry my hair on cool air if I want added volume. I then do my makeup, get dressed, and start my day.

At night, I do not do anything special with my hair, I'll usually just sleep on it as is--I love the volume it gives me for 2nd/3rd day hair.

I want to be my own boss.

Successful, traveling, doing new and exciting things. I see myself owning a company; I want to be my own boss and I do not want to work for anyone else. I cannot tell you exactly what I envision myself doing. I have many avenues that I'm interested in taking, so it will be cool to find out what I end up doing/expanding to in 10 years. Hopefully you guys will follow me on my journey!

Keep up with me

Follow me on the gram, @thirsttrapchar, and on twitter @charsaywhatt. Also check out my website, charbookings.com! <3 Char.