The clock’s blaring alarm fills your ears on a typical groggy morning, the kind that rabidly chases its tail: a barrage of interruptions, abbreviated plans, altered schedules, and the motorized bustle of city life. When the working day is done, you do not want to have fun; you want to relax. You have a plan to cast off your heels, stretch those aching stress-weighted limbs, and slip on your comfiest robe to turn the long day into a lavender soaked bath of peaceful dreams.

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Ready to moisturize, style-set, and satin-wrap those curls, you discover something untoward… Gliding your fingertips through the roots of your curls, you feel a patch of soft, smooth skin on your scalp. Cold panic prickles the back of your neck and you race to the bathroom mirror to confirm your theory, and you are right: Your curls are falling out.

Do not pull your hair out! Take a deep breath, instead.

Millions of women, from straight to coily, experience hair loss.

The loss tends to start at the crown of your curls and the top of your head. If you are among this ever growing group, do not despair. Learn what you can do about it!

What to do if you are experiencing curly hair loss.

Factors that have an impact on hair thinning and loss include diet, hormones, medical conditions, and your environment. Although a quick-and-easy miracle cure for thinning, breaking curls does not exist, there are several options you can employ to keep your existing curls healthy, full-looking, and beautifully styled. Take a look:

  • Focus on your nutrition and potential vitamin deficiencies. Keep in mind that a quick infusion of iron and magnesium into your regular dietary practice is not going to cut it. You must consult a nutritionist and your physician to determine the lacking nourishment in your diet if any at all. This investigative approach of the behalf of trusted professionals will help you uncover any underlying health issues that are causing hair thinning and/or loss.
  • Give your scalp the gift of DHT blockers! DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is produced by humans. When DHT binds to the hair follicle, the gatekeeper to hair growth, hair begins to thin and fall out. That is why your currently growing curls will benefit from DHT blocking treatments such as Groganics Hair Growth Treatment, to help to increase blood flow to your scalp, keeping your hair follicles alive and active.
  • Wear protective styles sparingly. Although some of the most captivating hairstyles are braids, weaves, and extensions, these installations may cause traction alopecia and other scalp issues when worn. Be particularly careful not to leave the styles in for too long.
  • Set an appointment with a trusted trichologist, like IAT Trichologist and NaturallyCurly Contributing Writer Sophia Emmanuel. Trichology is the study of hair and scalp disorders, and it is important for you to communicate your concerns with a professional who can help you understand the underlying factors that are impacting thinning hair, baldness, stunted hair growth, and scalp issues.
  • Keep the hair you have healthy! Use scalp-healthy care and styling products that contain ingredients that stimulate hair growth such as green tea extract, Rendensyl, and tea tree oil.
  • Gently style your curls with volumizing products, but first, learn how to add volume to thinning curls by employing tips from experts such as trusted naturalista Vanessa Osbourne. She offers a plethora of curly hair products and a simple 2-step volumizing method for those experiencing thinning curls and hair loss.

Are you experiencing curly hair loss, scalp issues, or baldness? What steps have you taken to alleviate these issues? Please share your thoughts and concerns with me in the comments so that we can continue to explore curly hair concerns and product efficiencies in upcoming CURLS 101 articles.

As ever, stay curly!

In the meantime, learn more about curly hair thinning, loss, and scalp issues by watching this video from YouTube curly hair information source CURLSMITH: