So last week Dickey, Monique and Amanda hit the road to tell the world about our new fabulous line, blow out your curls, kinks & waves. They started the trip in Houston at CW studios and at Fox News. We managed to get three fabulous models to allow us to show them how they could wear their hair not only differently but also what products are the correct ones for their textures. It is so important to use the right products. Our products are all sulfate-free. So Tamara Lloyd, Valentia Royal and Lyndsay Beasley all got expert advice from Dickey.


Dickey getting ready for his segment.

Here is what Dickey told Fox News and CW:

Kinky Hair: Coiled-kinky hair grows in a densely packed, tight zigzag pattern. It’s a deceptively fragile texture—the more coiled the hair shaft, the more fragile the hair. Kinky hair demands extremely gentle care. You don’t need to shampoo every day, but it needs plenty of hydration to stay lustrous and to prevent shrinkage. Try the sulfate-free Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisture-Rich No-Suds Shampoo, which won’t strip hair of its needed sebum. Style with a moisturizing product formulated for your texture, which will define tresses and banish frizz.

Preparing models

Dickey preparing the models

Curly Hair: Curly hair is spirally and loopy with a defined s-pattern. It can be denser with tons of strands, fine and light, coarse and ropey, or soft and springy. Curly hair grows in a coil rather than a wave because the cuticle layers don’t lie as flat as those of wavy hair.Like kinky hair, curly hair can be fine, medium or coarse textured.For shiny, sleek curls, remember moisture is key. Daily deep conditioning should be a standard part of your regimen. Try the Hair Rules Quench Conditioner. To style your curls, apply product when hair is soaking wet. Try Hair Rules Curly Whip which will prevent frizz and will give hair shine and definition to your natural texture.Then use a comb attachment to easily blow dry without damage. Try not to touch curls until they are dry.

Straight Hair: Just like all the other textures, all straight hair is not created equal. It’s important to avoid heavy conditioner that will make hair greasy. Choose a formula like Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner, which will hydrate hair without weighing it down.To add volume to straight hair, apply a pre-blowdrying product like Hair Rules Blow Out Your Waves. Blowdry hair until it’s about 80% dry with a round brush, and then finish with a large barrel curling iron that same size as your round brush, which will create natural looking waves.