If you’ve found yourself constantly pulling at your hair when it’s time to detangle, you may need to switch things up by using a detangling hairbrush.

Have You Tried This Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Hairbrush?

While finger detangling is common in our NaturallyCurly community, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help from a tried and true friend that separates curls, from roots to tip, like the Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Hairbrush. This hairbrush features two-tiered teeth technology! Meeting the challenge of thick, coarse curly hair, this hairbrush is perfect for those of us that want defined curls that finger detangling simply cannot give us.

No matter your curl pattern, you can reap the amazing detangling benefits.

Got thick hair? The Tangle Teezer’s innovative combination of short and long teeth easily glide through your hair to eliminate knots and tangles while enhancing your curls’ natural sheen. Got coarse hair? Wet those hair strands with water to detangle, prevent breaking your ends, and stave off fairy knots. Got curly hair? Well, of course, you do so you know that detangling curls can cause frizz… Not with the award-winning Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Hairbrush which should be used on wet hair.

Need proof?

In just a few seconds, you’ll see how amazing this hairbrush is for all curl patterns. Its short teeth smooth hair cuticles and minimizes frizz, and its long teeth detangle and reduce hair breakage! Click the GIF below to take a look at the Tangle Teezer in action:

From Coily to Curly to Wavy, Tangle Teezer Works for ALL!

Curious about how the NaturallyCurly Editors used the Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Hairbrush? Here’s what each lady had to say about it!

NaturallyCurly Editor Lauren Murray with detangled coils.

NaturallyCurly Editor Lauren Murray says:

I have a mix of 3c/4a coils and curls, and my hair is quite dense. If you stick your hand in there, it isn’t coming back out. Hahaha!

I used the Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly hairbrush as a before-wash detangler, meaning I wet my hair with just water before I washed it, and then I detangled. I also split my hair into about 6 sections just to make the detangling process easier and put me at less risk for damage.

To me, it’s all about the technique and how you’re holding it. I found that when I flipped the tool backward, I had more control over how it detangled my coils.

I loved that it was fairly simple and straight to the point to use. It’s also super compact, perfect for traveling!

NaturallyCurly Editor Cara Logue with detangles waves.

NaturallyCurly Editor Cara Logue says:

My hair is all types of wavy—mostly 2B but also some 2A and some 2C. It’s very dense coming out of my scalp, but most of the individual strands are pretty thin to medium width.

I usually detangle my hair when it’s dry; in the video, I detangled it when it was wet. I start by finger-detangling, then use a brush starting with the bottom of my hair downward, working my way up to my scalp, with a lot of putting down the brush and using my fingers to get the more stubborn spots. The Tangle Teezer helps with some of these tricky spots—I think because of the varying lengths in the bristles.

It feels really good on my scalp—kind of like those wire spider head-massager things that you can buy at the airport.

NaturallyCurly Editor Kiana Tipton with detangles curls.

NaturallyCurly Editor Kiana Tipton says:

I have type 3b, bleached, long, high porosity hair. My hair is usually difficult to detangle without conditioning with a regular wide tooth comb, but the Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly hairbrush works more effectively, leaving me with more time to enjoy my morning coffee before heading out for the day!

I used the Tangle Teezer after wetting my hair with a spray bottle, but I have also used it after coming out of the shower. It works well either way. I was able to detangle my hair without any additional products.

However, I usually do condition in the shower beforehand. After detangling my hair, I use my regular leave-in conditioner for extra curl definition. I love how the Tangle Teezer feels on my scalp, when brushing my hair I linger near the top because it feels like a gentle massage. It also detangles my hair without pulling on my tangles or leaving me with breakage.

Tell us: Have you tried the Tangle Teezer?

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