I'd like my curls to look good the next day without having to re-wet them

Dear Ouidad: How does one maintain their look for the next day without having to wash their hair again? Is it better to wash the hair every day?

A: When you sleep put the hair in a loose ponytail on the top of the head to preserve curls as best as possible for the morning. In the morning, use Botanical Boost to refresh your curls. After your hair is dry, you can use a drop of Shine Glaze and your hair will look beautiful for the day. In terms of washing your hair, generally it isn't necessary to shampoo daily. Your curl pattern should dictate how often you should shampoo.

Loose waves - 2-3 times per week Curly/Tight - 1-2 times per week Kinky - 1 time per week


I'm a curly haired stylist who searched for years for a product that was consistent and good for my hair. I only shampoo every 3-4 days. I use, and retail in my salon in San Diego, "Mixed Chicks", a California company started by 2 mixed race women. Shamppo, Deep Conditioner, and Leave-in. On the days I don't shampoo sometimes I need nothing (WOW!), but often I dilute a bit of the leave-in and scrunch into my curls. My hair has never been better, and it has helped it to grow. I'm 60, and color and hilite my hair, which is grey on the top. You can check Mixed Chicks website for salons near you, or order from them directly. Serena 619-692-9992