Highlights Made My Hair So Dry

2012-07-05 11:21:07

Highlights Made My Hair So Dry

I need help fixing it

Dear CurlySuzy: I can't decide what type of curls I have. My hair is shoulder-length, processed and medium to course in texture. Areas of my hair have ringlets and others larger curls. If left alone with no product it is a frizz machine. With product I can make it look ok until I recently had it highlighted. Here is the issue. Now I am REALLY, REALLY dry. It gets in tiny knots, it doesn't look smooth on the ends, and I can even see split ends. I need product advice to get my hair back in condition.

Dear Aimee: The answer is deep conditioning! Once a week for 30 minutes with heat. Follow with a cool rinse. That should really make a world of difference. Also use a sulfate-free cleanser. That will preserve your highlights and will be a lot more moisturizing. I will give you a bunch of suggestions below. I also really love Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose cleanser and conditioner. (usually in health food sections of grocery stores and we will be selling it soon at CurlMart!

You might also want to think about trimming the end just a bit. Here is a link to our salon search if you need a good Curly Stylist.

Deep Conditioners

Sulfate-free Cleansers and Favorite Conditioners

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I'm a curly hair stylist. I've looked for decades for a greta product. I retail and happily use Mixed Chicks. 3 products; shampoo, deep conditioner (use each time) and leave=in. My hair looks better and has grown since I started using it a few years ago. I can go several days without shampooing by diluting a bit fo the leave-in and scruching into my curl. AWESOME!!!! I retail in my salon in San Diego. You can get it on the website or find a salon near you. Serena
My hair is some what damaged from coloring it but I haven't colored it for a year now. Also, I have curly hair but it is curlier on the under part than on the top. I need help to make my hair soft, manageable and still have beautiful curls. HELP! Danielle Wegrecki, Traverse City, MI