Curl Keeper is a unique product from Curly Hair Solutions

Dear CurlySuzy: I have used Curl Keeper and it makes my hair very fuzzy and fine feeling without any curl definition. Any tips?

Dear Janie: Curl Keeper is a very unique leave-in conditioner. You have to use it with a gel or cream over it for best results. Also you have to apply it correctly or you will not get great results.

After you cleanse and condition your curls apply the Curl Keeper to very wet hair and use a lot of it. As you scrunch it in it should make a squashy sound. You have to use a lot of it. Then you would apply your styling product. AG Re:coil is the best curl cream to use over the Curl Keeper. It is a very concentrated cream that has great frizz control and curl definition. You would apply that in sections.

Try not to touch your hair when it is drying. Then when this combination is dry it will have a crunch or glaze. You have to very gently scrunch out the crunch. If you scrunch too much it will get frizzy so be careful! I hope this helps and the Curl Keeper performs better for your curls using these tips.


Ahh thank you for this question and answer!! I have been using curl keeper for a few years on and off and never really knew where to use it in my routine. I just started using it only as a leave in with a gel on top and getting the BEST results!! I'm so glad to hear that I'm doing it right!

Thanks!It is always hard to make a switch to a new product routine. Good Luck with the Curly Hair Solutions trial pack.If you have any questions please email me.

I was so happy to see this question posted! I've been a dedicated Jessicurl rockin' ringlets/confident coils girl for almost two years, but as my hair has grown out these products have been disappointing me. I recently (and rather nervously since it could turn out to be all wrong for me) ordered a curly hair solutions trial pack and am looking forward to its arrival. Your advice is much appreciated!