Whether the texture, type, or temperament, having a nighttime routine for your tresses is essential and can make or break your hair, style, or regimen if not implemented. Sorry, you must prepare your hair and even if you are dead set against nightly routines, even the simplest of things can make for healthier hair and a healthier hair relationship. We also need to be reminded that the length of your hair does not determine if you need a nighttime routine but rather what type of nighttime routine you need to incorporate. Taking out the necessary time to ensure your style will be preserved or to keep your hair from being dry is what you do the night before and even though many (or most”> naturals are aware of this sometimes we need to be reminded.

That’s right my shorter-haired naturals. Just flopping down on the satin pillowcase is usually not enough to preserve a style or to keep your hydration up.


Naptural Elenore shows how to not only achieve second or third day hair, but to also how to keep your hair from being a frizz ball. Her main component in this nightly routine is Eden BodyWorks All Natural Curl Defining Crème. It’s not always about keeping curl definition, but also keeping your hair moisturized and smooth. This nighttime routine and her product of choice are great for a TWA or tresses longer than hers.

Short Wash & Go

For the wash and go natural who is so low maintenance and doesn’t cowash often, this style and nighttime routine will be perfect for you. Yes, there are many naturals who wash and go, but do not co-wash daily. AuCurls Naturelle has a quick and easy nighttime routine that yields amazing curl definition and moisture. She uses Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner for her leave-in conditioner and doesn’t use a lot of products since she doesn’t co-wash often.

Stretch Afro

Yes, you need a nightly routine for a fro so don’t get it twisted naturals! AuCurls Naturelle is back to show us how she keeps her beautiful tresses fro’d out and moisturized with her banded method nightly routine. This is also how she stretches her hair without heat.

Chunky Twists

Clarissa shares her own nighttime routine in between her washes. She thoroughly explains what she uses including a DIY leave-in and all her accessories. Just as many naturals, she is able to retwist nightly to refresh, moisturize, and sustain her curl definition. She doesn’t moisturize every night but she will rewist or braid nightly.

How do you preserve your hair at night?


This article was originally published in 2014 and has been updated for grammar and clarity.

Sabrina Perkins


Sabrina, founder of seriouslynatural.org and contributor to several online publications, is a freelance writer who engages her audiences on the relevance of natural hair, beauty, and style.

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