When it comes to curly girls and winter fashion, there is one piece that can leave us saying we are better off cold–a winter hat.

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And while our curls look oh so cute poking out through the bottom of a cap when we wear them, trying to take it off usually leaves us with an odd shape in our curls and absolutely no volume on top. Luckily there are options to keep our head and ears warm while maintaining flawless curls during the cold winter season.


Even though this option does not always get thought of, it is a rather easy solution. You can find the kind of earmuffs that go all the way around your head but that might not fix the hat head problem–since you will then have a line around your head instead of the top of your hair being flat–so it’s smarter to opt for the earmuffs that go around the back of your head. Try the Tahoe Ear Warmer from 180s. These let you lift your hair up in the back and simply slide on over your ears and will be set to stay warm and have rocking curls.

Dad hat

For the curly girls who are not big fans of earmuffs, rock a dad hat rather than the traditional tight beanies. While this solution won’t combat all the problems that come with hat hair, you will still look cute with salvageable curls when getting to where you are going. Remember to carry a travel-sized bottle of your favorite curl refresher and give your curls a quick spritz in the restroom once you are inside and warm. We like the color choices and price point of Top Level’s plain dad hats.

Satin-lined cap

Take a tip from your nighttime routine and when breakage and frizz are possibilities, wear a satin-lined cap. Remember to plop your hair into a cap, using a normal winter hat on top of that or you can buy specific satin lined caps. Make sure you put all of your hair into the cap because although they will protect you from the frizz of a normal cap, if you wear them with your hair down you are still prone to having a head full of flat, volume-less curls.


This is a great option for those who don’t necessarily like to wear hats. Instead, put on the hood that is already attached to your jacket. While it may not be the warmest option, it will not causes any creases in your hair since it is loosely fitted around the top of your head. Make sure your hair is super protected by sewing in a satin lining into your jacket’s hood–that way, you will not have to worry about frizz when wearing your favorite hoodie ever again.

To sum it up

It’s important to make sure that you keep yourself warm and safe through the winter season, so hopefully these suggestions will do that while also protecting your curls. Remember that if it is below freezing outside, your hair should be completely dry as freezing can be very damaging to your hair and cause breakage.


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