If you have wavy hair then it can sometimes feel frustrating when you wake up and your waves have poof! Disappeared. We know the feeling. Or when you apply just a little bit too much curl cream and your luscious waves go totally limp. Or maybe you’ve been looking a little too longingly at curly girls on Instagram – though we never recommend you covet thy neighbor’s curls. Perhaps you just want to change up your look and play up your curls for the day! This tutorial shows you how to turn your waves into bouncy curls with a few tips and tools.

How to Turn Curls into Waves

  1. Apply a curl enhancing spray to bring out the natural waves. You can do this to dry hair to refresh it mid-week, or on freshly washed hair.
  2. Ever notice your hair how defined your waves are when they’re wet? Keep that definition by applying a curl defining foam through the ends. 
  3. Flip your head upside down and dry it with a diffuser, while scrunching with your fingers. This will give you volume as well as bring out the curls. 


Watch the Video

NaturallyCurly got a preview earlier this month of Living Proof Curl, a new line that includes Curl Conditioning Wash, Curl Detangling Rinse, Curl Defining Styling Cream and Curl Enhancing Styling MousseThe four products are designed to work with all texture types – from wavy to coily.

Living Proof formulated them with “Curl Memory technology,”  an emollient and polymer blend and time-release conditioners designed to repel humidity.

This article is sponsored by Living Proof Curl.

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