editors choice deliberation

It may sound fun to receive boxes upon boxes of free curly hair products every year and then be asked to choose your favorites... until you have your hair parted in 4 sections with a completely different shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, butter, and oil on each section, as you enter the results of this latest round of tests into a spreadsheet. Yes we have spreadsheets. Then, and only then, will you truly know what it's like to live through Editor's Choice season. Sure, a few months ago your eyes were wide with glee thinking only of all the products you will get to try. All the new stuff. The scents. The packaging. Hundreds of them. You. Couldn't. Wait. But like that frozen yogurt you ordered with all of the toppings you suddenly find yourself overindulged and totally overwhelmed. Ok who are we kidding, it is still really fun.

For months the NaturallyCurly editors have been in deliberations over their picks for the 2015 Editors' Choice awards. First we split off into four different groups determined by our curl pattern. The Type 2s, Type 3s, Type 3cs, and Type 4s. Then we proceeded to test shampoos, oils, masks, refreshers and more, all the while comparing the new crop against our tried and true Holy Grails. As you can imagine, this lead to spirited discussion and passionate debates around the office, a few of which we decided to capture on camera.

This is a recreation of the events that transpired, but it's pretty spot on if we may say so ourselves. Yes Michelle really does use that much product on the daily, Cristina really did jedi mind trick her peers, and Amanda literally thinks she can speak for both Type 3cs and Type 4s, and no they're not happy about it.

We're so excited to share this year's winners with you! We'll be announcing Editors' Choice 2015 next week, but in the meantime enjoy this sneak peek behind the scenes at the NaturallyCurly office.

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