The ad says “Tired of waking up with a mad frizzy mess every morning? Do you long for sleek, straight hair without any kinks or curls? Iron Out the Kinks in Twisted Hair Permanently – HYPNOSIS.”

We’ve heard it all now.

The ad tells us that curly hair can be a real headache.

“It takes hours to straighten every morning and as soon as you step out of the door it’s a real fright again. It can prevent you taking up water sports and even ruin holidays in countries with humid climates.”

We knew there was a reason we hated water sports!

The company claims its “Straighten Curly Hair” hypnosis session will help straighten out this problem.

“In less than 60 minutes you’ll start to feel the benefits, as your curls unwind and you realize how easy to manage your hair really is. Simply sit back and listen to this superb hypnosis session, as ‘Straighten Curly Hair’ kicks out the kinks in your hair and lets you love your sleeker, straighter style. Feel happy and relaxed about your hair. Control Unruly locks. Achieve the look you desire.”

Immediately after listening to this wonderful, 60-minute hypnosis recording, “you’ll feel a profound, positive inner change that will totally astonish you. And it’s 100% risk-free too!”

Sure it is.

Although we see the benefit of hypnosis to stop smoking or lose weight, curly hair is not a problem that needs to be fixed. Not only that, but if you are seeking a sleeker look, hypnosis is hardly the way to do it.

A better name for this video might be “Give Me Your Money, Sucker.”

Attention: This article may be published on April 1st, but it is not a joke, unfortunately, this video does exist and you can find it at 


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