WIth all the buzz about keratin treatments, I decided to test out a Brazilian Blowout for myself.

The stylist blows out Michelle's hair.

Then she took out her round brush and went to work with the blow dryer. I have not blown my hair straight in a decade, so it was strange to see myself with straight hair. Once my hair was dry, Felice divided it into four sections and begin using a flat iron to further straighten the hair in 2- to 3-inch sections. It did feel soft and was incredibly shiny. But I didn't like myself with straight hair. It grew by what seemed like two feet.

I was so over the straight-haired look, but it didn't last long anyway. Felice took me back to the shampoo bowl where she rinsed it (no shampoo) and applied the Brazillian Blowout Masque to further seal in the professional formulation. After 60 seconds, she rinsed it again.


Michelle with straightened hair. It looks nice, but we like her better curly!

She offered to blow it out again, but I opted not to. I wanted to make sure my curls were still there. So I diffused my hair and was reassured to see curls. One issue, which is common when people have this done, is they may need a hair cut since the hair is longer. Luckily, curl guru Ethan Shaw was at the ready to give me a quick dry cut.

Initially, it was a little bit of a shock to have such loose curls. But this morning, I enjoyed having a swishy ponytail during my spin class. And there was no frizz after the workout. And after doing my hair myself with my usual routine and products, I liked the added shine and looser curls. My hair is much less frizzy and I haven't had the shrinkage I usually do.

Felice said the process will last approximately 12 weeks, gradually reverting to its original texture.

Will I do it again? Quite possibly, especially as the humidity kicks in and frizz season arrives full force.

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Michelle's Brazillian Blowout Blog
@20 how much is Shane? I'm in Sherman Oaks and while I can't afford it now. I sooooo want to do this. My hair is a mess of 2C-3B curls and I would love to have it all be loosely curly. I've done the home one and it does nothing to the texture although it does make it super shiny.

The result is really nice! I am hopping to get more manageablity too after doing it at home. I posted videos on Youtube to help other people who are thinking about doing it at home as it can be quiet pricy. Check it out, I have 4B hair, it might help someone else :) http://youtu.be/nhyJlu9fxCU Love and Chocolate guys!

Thanks for sharing! I'm particularly fond of Cocoa Keratin System, it's a Brazilian keratin treatment that comes with the pre-treatment shampoo, smoothing treatment and daily shampoo and conditioner. I like it because the treatment lasts up to 5 months and its very safe on my hair, giving it nutrients, moisture and smoothing it down. The protein and argan oil help immensely and strengthen my hair while making ir super shiny. I recommend it :)

Nice results, but it contains formaldehyde.

Brazilian Blowout for curly hair, loosens the curls and softens the texture. It is done to give more length and make the curls lighter. It reduces the volume of the hair but doesnt make it limp. It generally lasts for 8 to 12 weeks. This treatment may not work well if you love your heavy curls, but for a change and to loosen up a bit, it works wonders. But all this provided if its done by experts and in a professional Salon using the correct method

It looks like most people who get the Brazilian Blowout love their service. I am a licensed hair dresser who just recently got trained & certified to do the B.B. at a half day class from them. (I'm in Draper UT 801-604-3934. I offer this for only $200!) I am thrilled with the results on myself and my clients! I want to make sure that those of you who haven't gotten their Brazilian Blowout to last, had it done by a CERTIFIED stylist. A lot of people these days just watch a co worker or a UTube video and think they can offer the service but really they are giving great Treatments like the Brazilian Blowout a bad name if they are not doing it 100% properly. The most important thing I researched and found with this Keratin treatment is that its beneficial for every hair type, and actually improves the integrity of all hair. let alone the other amazing things like less frizz and curl, more shine and smoothness.) Some people do use too much solution (which will still work) but will emit more fumes into the air and can make your eyes feel funny. If your stylist doesn't have the right flat Iron or set it to the right temperature for the results you are looking for like keeping some of your curl or leaving it, then you can have a different finished product. Also the amount of passes that you seal the treatment into the hair (3-12 times) will decipher how much curl stays. But overall, if you can find this treatment for a good value, I've never seen anything like it before! I am sorry for those of you who paid a lot of money, got their products and arent seeing lasting results, but I have yet to have any client I do this service on be anything but amazed and grateful. Fell free to call me with questions. (I also did a lot of research on the whole formaldehyde scare and found it is definitely safe with .0046% and is well under the legal amount of 2%.)

I went ahead with the treatment based on this article. I rarely wear my hair straight and didn't really want to take out the curl, but I was desperately looking for a way to tame my incredibly dry, thick 3b hair. Defined curls was the key phrase from the article that convinced me. I went to the salon for a consult and was assured there was no way with the thickness and curls of my hair that it would take the curls out, and that it would be a huge help to tame my hair. The treatment ended up taking out my curls, which wasn't a huge problem considering all evidence of the expensive treatment was gone in about two weeks, three tops. I bought the recommended products as well. The treatment and products did nothing for my dryness and frizz beyond the intial two or three days. I'm about a month out and my hair is exactly back to the way it was before and still as dry as hay, but my bank account is still suffering.

I have had the BB done twice on my 3B hair. Although I love the results, it takes out too much curl. I noticed Naturally Curly's Michele still had a lot of curl left after the BB treatment. Any know what her stylist did to leave her with so much curl? Also, how often does she have it redone? Thanks!

I'm loving my Brazilian Blowout that I got this month while visiting Scotsdale, AZ. When I returned home, I found a salon in Fort Collins, CO that advertised that they offered Brazilian Blowout. Upon visiting them, they emphatically said that they no longer would offer the trtmt until OSHA approved it safe for everyone. Does anyone know the status on this issue???

I had one done by Felice (in Austin TX) and love the results. Initially my hair did seem a little dry, but, used their deep conditioning mask, and my hair has NEVER looked better. I am 3B curls and still have curly hair, just SLIGHTLY looser, with a lot less frizz. I've gotten several compliments from co-workers! Will repeat.

Thanks so much for this very informative story, and the video. I have heard rave reviews about the bb but have been so scared that I would lose my curls. I phoned the bb people after reviewing all of the before & after pix on their website, all of which feature totally straight "after" looks. They assured me that if the stylist only goes thru the hair 2-3 times with a flatiron instead of 7-8 for totally straight hair, my curls would still be there, only looser and shinier. We'll see what happens!

I just got this treatment done last night and I LOVE IT. My hair has always been tangley and it is now soft smooth and manageable! If you are ever in Sherman Oaks Ca check out SHane Hair Style Color inside the Sola Salons on Ventura Blvd. Shane's number is 818-200-8850. Everyone should try this product-it is life changing!

This sounds like a texturizer or the silkener treatment from Miss Jessie's. That means that it's a chemical and you'd have to be very careful about color and henna.

so did everyone use the aftercare products? I hear that you do not have to us them?

Renee1023: There are absolutely HUGE differences between the brands!! I recently added Brazilian Blowout to my salon and did a lot of research before doing so. I would never use ANY of the imitators or other "brazilian keratin treatments" that are not the genuine Brazilian Blowout. Check to make sure your salon/stylist is listed on www.brazilianblowout.com. This one does not make you wait to wash your hair if you want to....beware any that do! The article above this thread mentions that there was no chemical smell to the lotion, and I just wanted to reiterate that. It has a slight scent to it, but if there is a very strong odor the stylist is using too much of the product. I was told that while you will have the occasional person who may be sensitive to it - just like with any other product, chemical or not - there should not be any higher rate of sensitivities with this product than perm solution or color. Be sure to find a ceritifed, experienced stylist and I am confident you will LOVE your results!

My hairdresser recently told me about this treatment and I was so excited about a possible solution to my very damaged hair. I have curly hair that I have tortured for years with the flat iron and it is very damaged now. I was hopefull that this process would allow me to stop damaging it as much with the hair straightener. After finally deciding to spend the $400 for the procedure, I started doing a lot of research and I am seeing so many mixed reviews. Many people love it and think it's the best thing ever, but then I've seen several posts from people who are now losing significant amounts of hair as a result of the treatment. Are there differences between different brands of these products? I've also noticed that some treatments allow you to wash your hair right away and others say you have to keep it in for three days before washing. Help! I'm so confused. I really want to try this but not at the risk of going partially bald. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michelle, Wow that sounds awesome…I am going to be getting this procedure done within the next couple weeks and live by the LA area. Would you happen to know which salon she had it done at..and possibly which stylist did the blowout? By the way, your hair looks amazing! I absolutely love it = )

yes if you coat the hair with serum to protect it..chlorine should be avoided if possible..:)

Can you swim in the ocean or a pool after this treatment?

This service does look promising. Before I found nc.com and learned how to take care of my hair, I would have paid just about anything. Now my hair is more manageable and while still difficult, I find the cost: $350 plus $150 for products intimidating. If I didn't have to buy the products to maintain the treatment, I would seriously consider it. I wonder how Michelle's treatment will hold up without using the BB products?

Hi my name is Maritza Torres and I work at BeauImage Salon and Day spa in Oak Park, California my number is 8187069600. I have been doing the Brazilian blowout on my clients and myself and even my 11 yr old daughter and husband. We are all big fans!! This is a product that really works and does what it says. The best part theres no growing out stage afterwards once its out of your hair its out so you always have equal texture through out your hair. I have great prices because I really want everyone to be able to enjoy the treatment. Please call me at the shop or email me at sazzylit1@aol.com if you have any questions I would love to answer them. And remember this treatment is for everyone male or female as long as your hair is long enough that I can run a flatiron through it. I look forward to speaking to guys and giving you the hair you have always wanted.

P.S. You know Ladies....God gave us beautiful curls! Show them off, be thankful for them...believe me, I KNOW, the grass LOOKS greener on the other side of the fence! But, NO ONE is happy with what was given them! WE can have beautiful straight hair with awesome body AND have it curly, bouncy and sassy the very next day!! Just find the product that keeps your hair HEALTHY, and your hair will love you in return!!!!

Hi! I thought I would leave my 2 cents worth! I have had a straightening product used on my hair....OH it was straight....POKER straight. I enjoyed it for about 3 weeks, then I wanted my curls back (3c!). I just was tired of being in humidity or at a friends house that had misters and I would shy away from them due to the frizzing/etc. Anyway, a hairdresser friend of mine went to a hair show..came back with the Brazilian Blowout products. We bartered the price of the 4 products that the clients are sent home with. Even without getting the full treatment, I LOVE MY HAIR! I can blow it straight and it has AWESOME body, bounce and shine! OR, when raining or very humid, I will let it go natural (AKA out of the shower,leave the house with damp hair!) and the curls are BEAUTIFUL!! NO frizz, just really nice "shiny copper penny curls"!! So, if you can't afford the money for the whole thing....just buy the "after products"!! They are expensive also....but worth every penny!

I am incredibly excited. While I too love my curls, I would like a looser curl pattern only because of how much easier it is for me as an individual to deal with. I can also wear styles I really like with looser curl patterns. And no frizz, I'd do anything for that with using minimal chemicals! I'm totally glad you asked the young lady about super-kinky afro hair results! I figure us type 4bs are gonna take a more than a couple treatments for ideal results, especially if you want the wash-n-go effect. Not to mention that this newsletter came out JUST in time. I did months of research and opinion-gathering about the Brazilian blowout because I was seriously considering it and actually have an appointment tomorrow! Go figure! This sealed the entire deal the entire deal for me, as if I were destined to get this done on my hair. NaturallyCurly, a site after my own heart. Hopefully it turns out well, can't wait to report on the message boards!

Thanks for the report. This process, though very expensive, sounds promising. I'd like to read the experiences of African American women with 3c hair, including what the hair is like once the product wears off. Is it like growing out a relaxer? I'm still ambivalent about the continuing message that curly hair is not OK, still, I have to admit I'd love less shrinkage. Which salons in NYC do it?

I LOVE my Brazilian Blowout. My hair is naturally wavy, but it seems over the years it's gotten really frizzy as well. I had mine done by Felice at James Allen Salon in Austin. The front desk staff is always friendly and helpful. I also love the 'no cell' phone rule, ahhh peace and quiet so I read the latest celebrity gossip trash. But the real reason is the services. For years I have driven from Dallas to have Felice cut and color my hair. She gave me the Brazilian Blowout 7 weeks ago, right before a trip to France. For those who travel regularly, I don't have to remind you the electricity currents are different and even with a converter I totally fried my hair with a flat iorn several years ago. It rained all week in Paris and I used those crummy hotel hair driers and my was smooth and shiny as glass. It still looks great and I will definately get another just in time for muggy, humid Texas Spring.

Hey All!! The link to James Allan Salon is not correct. So, if you would like to reach us and you are in Austin Tx, please call 512-322-9222. Ask for Felice for your Brazilian Blowout!!! See ya soon... Felice

I have been getting brazilian Blowout done one my hair since August of 2008...and performing it on my clients since September 2008! I fell immediately in love with it and HAD to get it in my salon. Being in Los Angeles, the weather isn't harsh but pressure to be glamorous sure is. It is important to note that Brazilian Blowout is not against curlies! It simply allows type 3c's to wear 3a curls without frizz, or go straight easily without fearing beach humidity. And 3a-b's can have Victoria's Secret waves or be straight as silk in minutes. My clients and I LOOOOOVE Brazilian Blowout!

Thanks for sharing your experience. It pretty much mirrors my experience with the Coppola treatment. But $250 - $450 per treatment every 12 weeks or so??? That's highway robbery, and I can't wrap my head around the costs. Companies know people will pay it because our culture lauds straight hair so much.

Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. I was on the line about getting it done but I definitely want to now.