Looking for affordable conditioners? See what CurlySuzy says you should use to get the most moisture for your curly hair.

Dear CurlySuzy:

I'm a teenage girl with not a lot of time on my hands, so I can't go out all the time and experiment with new products. I have very long (goes down to low back), blond, wavy hair that tends to be very bipolar. It is also very texturized. I have been doing the shampoo free method for 8 months now, but my hair seems to still be dry! I usually use the cheap $1 White Rain (co-wash) and Alberto V05 every day. I DESPERATELY need a hair guru like you to pick the perfect conditioner for me! (preferably on the cheap side...?) I've been having curly girl suicidal thoughts about going back to the regular silicone way — but I know that's not good for my hair! I know my hair is healthy, it just needs to work on looking good now. I would really appreciate any advice you can give me!

Dear Aylin:

Thanks for your funny email. I totally understand bipolar curls but please stay away from the silicones if you can. Here are some suggestions for good conditioners.

These two are the best for the buck!


She's right, Aubrey is a great conditioner and you may even be able to find it in your local health food store. Even though it ranges from 7.50-10.00 it will last a long time because it's so thick and you'll buy less products because that will handle most of the moisture issues. I love this suggestion