Dear CurlySuzy: I live in Cape Coral, Florida and I have type 3c, very thick hair. It’s past my shoulder blades when wet, but just touches the tips of the shoulders when dry.

I have two issues I would like your opinion about. First, I would like your recommendation on a deep conditioner. When I lived in NY (back in the days), I used to use L’Oreal Mermade Deep Penetrating conditioner, but it has been discontinued. Can you recommend a similar type of product currently on the market?

Also, I texturized about 6 months ago (I used a store-bought product and applied at home). At times, my hair has that “straight at the ends” look. I’d like to get it “trimmed”, but the last time I went to a hair stylist (based on salon listed on the website), I received a shorter than expected haircut. I really don’t want to lose the length because it takes FOREVER to grow. I haven’t really seen anyone with my same hair type. I have talked to friends, but their recommendations haven’t helped; the stylists I’ve gone to can’t even style my hair right! Any recommendations?

Dear Lisa: I think doing a deep conditioner once a week for 30 minutes (with heat) is the answer to both of your questions. The more moisture the you have in your hair the healthier it will be. I think that might let you go a little longer with out getting it cut. I use to live in NYC way back when also. I didn't use that conditioner though. I should have, my curls weren't at their best then. I know it was super popular and very moisturizing. Here are some deep conditioners that are great. Maybe they are close to what you used to use.

Also here is a link to our curl community and a thread for your curl type. There is a lot of information when have time for reading. It is all very helpful!

Deep Conditioners