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Most curly hair women grew up with the mindset that water was our biggest enemy, especially if we had a perm. We had gone through far too much pain to let the rain ruin our freshly pressed hair. I would try my best to duck and dodge from the rain. Even when I went swimming I wore a swim cap, because I did not want to deal with the aftermath of wet hair. Having been natural for over six-years, I now understand the importance of water as an essential ingredient to a healthy hair regimen.

When I first started working at NaturallyCurly, Evelyn introduced me to this water bottle by Curly Hair Solutions. It was a NC favorite and came highly recommended by all of the editors, so I was eager to find out what the hype surrounding this water bottle was all about. Now, you can expect to pay $15 for this water bottle. I know I know, this sounds a bit steep, so I decided to test it for myself. I’ve been using this water bottle for the last eight months and girl, let me tell you, it will change your life! It most definitely changed mine. Keep scrolling to find out its magical powers.

African-American woman spraying water on her hair

I have a combination of Type 3b/c curls with medium porosity, and my hair desperately needs moisture. For the longest, I used to dump my head in the sink or wet my hair in the shower each morning. Being that I live in Texas, humidity is always a component that comes into play, so I usually have to also refresh my curls in the evenings before I head to dinner or an event- – it’s such a game changer.

There are many things I love about this water bottle from the ultra-sleek packing to the easily refillable bottle in which you can cocktail to perfection. Another reason why it is now a part of my everyday essentials is that it sprays a continuous mist without drenching my hair. If you only knew how I used to walk around with soaking wet hair slicked to the side for at least half of the day because I would re-wet my hair in the shower each morning. Who knew it would take me 25 years to find something so simple that works wonders? It’s such a great reminder that the natural hair journey is truly a journey. The more familiar you get with your curl pattern and find what products work best for you, you’ll conquer the curly girl struggles and get the defined voluminous curls you’ve been searching for.

African-American woman spraying water on her hair

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can get your hands on your very own Curly Hair Solutions Water Bottle, right? SHOPNaturallyCurly has restocked them so you can now get your hands on one. I guarantee it is worth the investment because you will witness a curly hair miracle happen before your eyes.

African-American woman smiling with wet hair

Now I know why the experts consider this to be the BEST water bottle for fabulous curls. *Praises Curly Hair Gods*

What is your go-to curl refresher? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Photography by Cassandra J. Klepac

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