No matter your curl type, volume is most likely at the top of your priority list. There are many techniques to add volume to your hair such as fluffing, diffusing and scrunching. But have you tried a pick? Believe me, it will surprise you how much it makes a difference in your curls. I know there is some fear that when you pick your hair it may cause frizz and breakage, but that’s not the case with all picks. Now that I’ve found the Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Pick to create fluffy voluminous curls I don’t leave home without it. Read along to find out why you should keep this pick in your bag, at all times.

A few months ago the NaturallyCurly team had a pick challenge to show the difference in how your hair looks before and after using a pick. I never used a pick before and was up for the challenge. Being that I have short, type 3b/c curly hair, I always thought my hair should be defined and slicked to my forehead. I’m not sure where I got this idea from, but you couldn’t tell me otherwise until after I saw how good my hair looked picked out with volume.

Woman using a pick for her curly hair

Usually, my daily hair routine involves me refreshing my curls in the morning, adding my favorite leave-in to the ends of my hair and letting it air dry. Once my hair is completely dry I then grab my pick for the finishing touches.

How to use the pick

I’ve learned that the best way to add volume and keep your curl definition is to lift your roots with the pick, but don’t comb all the way through the ends. Since my hair is styled in a pixie cut, I prefer to add volume mostly to the right side of my hair where my hair is longer. Then, I’ll pick the rest of my hair to make it evenly full.

Woman with curly hair looking in the mirror picking hair

What I love about this pick is that it glides right through my hair and is infused with coconut oil and keratin to help reduce frizz and add a lil’ shine, without leaving residue on my hands. I have seen metal sharp picks, but I prefer plastic and these edges aren’t too sharp to poke my scalp or cause breakage to my curls. You can read more about how metal picks and plastic picks compare here. Also, I like the size of it and how it can easily be thrown in my purse, backpack or suitcase. You never know when you may need to fluff on the go to get that extra oomph.

I highly recommend this pick for all curlies, wavies and coilies. You can now get yours at SHOPNaturallyCurly for only $5.00, say whaaat? Girl, you better get you one. Thank me later!

Woman holding hair pick comb

I’ve been rockin’ my fro lately, and just check out the volume I’ve been able to achieve!

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Do you use a pick? Share what you use to add volume to your hair in the comments below.

Photography by Cassandra J. Klepac, last photo by Dahlia Danda

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