I was on a search for hair products that would enhance my natural wave, and a co-worker recommended AG’s Curl Trigger—a hair spray that pledges to pump waves and curls into even the most thin waves. I decided to give it a try. After all, I know AG is one of the most trusted brands around the office.

I am a college student with virtually no time on my hands; I work two jobs and have class every day. I literally tried Curl Trigger on a whim. It had been sitting in my cabinet for a week or so until one morning when I was running late for class. I couldn’t walk out the door with my hair sopping wet and no product—birds might mistake my head of frizz for a nest and chase me through campus. Just as I was about to grab my trusty knit cap to cover my head, I remembered the Curl Trigger and decided to try it. I would carry my knit cap in my backpack... just in case.

Curl Trigger waves

AG's Curl Trigger gave me some wave!

Curl trigger waves

Check out the back!

By the end of the day, I noticed my hair had dried quite nicely; my waves were voluminous and I had a couple of ringlets here and there. I was really impressed that a light spray could have such an impact on my hair, giving my naturally lifeless hair a nice smooth wave. I didn’t need my knit cap!

The instructions on Curl Trigger's bottle recommend diffusing your hair with the spray. Having just bought a diffuser for my hair dryer, I was curious about how the two might work together. The results were light and bouncy waves with extra twists.

Here are step-by-step instructions of how I did it:

1. After showering, lightly spray a leave-in conditioner into your hair to combat natural frizz.

2. Part your hair into sections. My hair is thin, so I only part it into two sections.

3. Aim the Curl Trigger bottle at a downward angle, and spray two to three times, depending on the thickness of your hair.

4. Aim the Curl Trigger bottle at an upward angle to spray the ends of your hair.

5. Be sure to scrunch the spray into your hair to maximize the desired wave/curl.

6. To use the diffuser, set your hair dryer on a medium low setting.

7. Scoop up your hair into the diffuser and twist.

8. Do this until your hair is about 80-90% dry.

9. Rub in your favorite serum in order to seal in the moisture and prevent frizz.

10. To reactivate your curls on the second day, simply mist your hair with water or lightly spray it with more Curl Trigger!

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